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Finding great nanny jobs that fit your availability shouldn't have to be a complicated process. Create your profile today and apply to full-time or part-time nanny positions that suit your skills and schedule. We're here to help you connect with families and find new nanny jobs as you need them.

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avg. pay rate $15.75

FAQs for finding nanny jobs

What are the pay rates for nanny jobs on in 2023?
As of October 2023, the average pay rate for nanny jobs on is $15.75 per hour at a national level. This rate can vary depending on where you live, how many hours per week you will be working, your years of experience as a nanny, any child care certifications you have, and how many kids you will be caring for.
How can I find a good nanny job?
To get started, sort nanny jobs in your area by distance from your location, pay rate, and the type of nanny jobs you are interested in such as part time or full time. Then, create a nanny profile specifying your skills and services you offer and start applying to the jobs that fit your availability and interests. Alternatively, families will be able to contact you if they would like to set up an interview to work with you.
How should I prepare to interview for a nanny job?
The goal of your interview is to make the family feel comfortable having you in their home with their kids. To make sure you're adequately prepared, go over the job description carefully so you know exactly what the family is looking for in a nanny. Spend some time writing down a few questions you think the family will ask you and what your answers will be. Don't expect the interview to go exactly how you've planned, but being prepared for a variety of questions can help you feel less nervous when you're sitting in the family's living room. Don't forget to write down a few questions you have about the position as well. You'll want to leave the interview feeling comfortable with the job, just like you hope the family will be comfortable hiring you.