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Photo for Part-time Nanny With Experience Caring For 3 Kids: Infant And Ac...

Part-time Nanny With Experience Caring For 3 Kids: Infant And Ac...

Part Time $14 – 19/hr Starts 02/23 Colorado Springs, CO
We are Christians! I try to implement things about Jesus into every day with the boys and we read Bible stories at nap time. We answer their questions about God when they ask and we pray together, too. This is very important to us! looking for a nanny . My oldest is very active and loves to play outside in our backyard climbing his dome and playing with his brother. My second child follows him around almost everywhere, but he's my cuddle bug. My infant is currently 2 months old and he loves his naps, his brothers' (gentle!) hugs and kisses, and milk! My eldest is learning preschool things, but we aren't formally putting him in school yet. His mind is always active and he's physically very active, too. He needs support with not going backflips off the sofa! My second child mimics most of his older brothers' words and actions. They can be physical with one another and I do let them wrestle to a degree, but they definitely need supervision to not get too wild! My youngest is pretty low maintenance at this stage. He sleeps, wakes up for a new diaper and milk, looks around to say hi, then goes back to sleep. :) Someone who is patient and understanding. My boys are curious and full of life and love, but they will need guidance to follow boundaries (for their own safety and others'). There is street parking or parking in our driveway. We live in a very safe neighborhood! Two 75lb female dogs, an American Foxhound (9 years old) and a Lab/Terrier mix (5 years old). Our American Foxhound has the sweetest personality. Our Lab/Terrier mix may scare off the delivery man with her bark, but her only vice is that she loves too hard.