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Finding great senior care jobs shouldn't have to be a hard task. Create a profile today and apply to senior care jobs that match your availability, skills, and interests. You can also have families contact you if they feel that you would be a good match to care for their loved one. We're here to help you find new jobs as you need them - part-time, full-time, anytime.

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jobs 11,999
avg. pay rate $15.25

FAQs for finding senior care jobs

What is the pay rate for senior care jobs on
As of November 2021, the average pay rate for senior care jobs is $15.25 per hour at a national level. This rate may vary depending on where you live and relates to private in-home senior care jobs. Other factors that may determine what a family will pay are how much experience you have caring for seniors, what certifications you have, and what the specific requirements of the job will be.
What are the requirements for a senior care job?
Most senior care jobs fall under two broad categories - medical and non-medical. Medical senior care jobs usually require you to have some kind of nursing certification because you'll be coming to a senior's home to administer prescribed instructions from a doctor. You'll manage things like medical check-ups, physical therapy and providing medication. Non-medical senior care jobs will require you to help with day-to-day tasks, such as driving the senior to their appointments, cooking meals, providing companionship and assisting with moving, dressing and bathing.
How can I find senior care jobs on
You can filter the senior care job postings by the open positions in your area and see the hourly rate each family is offering. From there, you can compare each job by the specific requirements they have, whether it's full-time or part-time work and whether the work schedule fits your availability.
How should I prepare for a senior care job interview?
To make a great impression on the family, be sure you've reviewed the job description so you can speak to the experience you have in managing the specific needs their senior loved one will require. Bring a copy of your resume and the certifications you have in case the family needs to see them. During the interview, be prepared to discuss things like safety and emergency preparedness, tough situations with seniors that you've had to deal with, the activities the family would like you to help their loved one with and your overall experience in working with seniors. Make sure you're also prepared with questions so you know exactly what is expected of you when you begin working.