Holiday tipping guide: Who gets gifts and how much should you give?

When my daughter was small, I fretted for weeks about what to give her day care teachers as a holiday gift. As December wound down, I cluelessly (desperately?) scrolled through Pinterest before settling on what I thought was a cute idea. I put plain bathroom tiles and daubs of paint... more

Should your child’s caregiver be your friend, too? 5 ways to navigate this sometimes confusing relationship

When mom of two Anam Khan, of Glenview, Illinois, hired her first live-in child care provider, she was excited and optimistic to welcome her as a new part of their family. However, it soon became apparent that the familial aspect of the relationship was starting to overshadow the importance of... more

6 simple ways to make a home safe for seniors to age in

Enjoying post-retirement in the home you raised your children in — or in the comfy condo you bought when the kids flew the coop — is the dream for many seniors. But age brings physical and cognitive changes that can make staying at home a challenge: Eyesight falters, mobility becomes... more

Checklist: Questions to ask an assisted living community

Here are some things to ask and contemplate when choosing an assisted living community. Make sure you take your time, ask many detailed questions, and if possible, try to bring a trusted friend or family member with you during a visit or consultation. Cost and contracts Does the contract disclose all the... more

The 2018 guide to gift-giving: Best recs for every member of your tribe

The gift-giving season is in full swing. But if you find you haven’t made a list, much less checked it twice, don’t worry — you’re not alone and we’re here to help! From advice on what’s appropriate to spend to best gifts for toddlers, teens, teachers and everyone in between... more

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9 expert tips for choosing the right brand of healthy dog food

Enter any pet food aisle and you’re immediately bombarded with choices — wet, dry, store brand, trendy brand, healthy brand, raw food and more. If your pup is hungry, there’s definitely a fix for that. But how on earth do you choose? Picking a healthy brand of dog food is... more

12 things you should never do while babysitting

True story: My friend Lori, a mom in Brooklyn, New York, had a babysitter who shoplifted while watching her child and got caught by the police. Total nightmare for a parent. While shoplifting on the job is an obvious no-no for a babysitter, there are a lot of behaviors you... more

Choosing pet care that’s right for you and your pet

We want to be there whenever our pets need us, but that isn’t always possible. Vacations, work obligations and other life events can take us places our pets can’t, so it’s important to always have a backup pet care plan. From hiring a pet sitter to using a kennel to... more

What to look for in a babysitter: Types, traits and responsibilities

The word babysitter can mean different things to different people. To some, it’s a high school student who watches their children on date nights. To others, it’s the experienced college student who’s there with their children for a few hours after school each day. Or maybe it’s the caregiver you... more