Maine’s Universal Home Care proposition could mean big changes for seniors and their caregivers

An initiative on the ballot in Maine this November could bring free home care for seniors and higher wages for their caregivers, setting the stage for a solution to the “silver tsunami” senior care crisis that’s hitting the nation. The Universal Home Care proposal, also known as Question 1, seeks... more

Sorry, Grandma, we're not coming home for the holidays

We’ve all heard the old adage: There’s no place like home for the holidays. But let’s face it, it’s not always true. Whether it’s avoiding family drama or simply saving funds, I’ve learned that taking care of myself sometimes means staying put and skipping the yuletide cheer. Sure, mom missed... more

On the Park Bench: How this nanny who cares for special needs kids keeps moving forward

Ana Deferrari, a New York City-based caregiver with more than 25 years experience, describes herself as a lifelong learner. She graduated from Hunter College, studied early childhood education at the City College of New York, plans to pursue a master’s degree and regularly attends courses and conferences to expand her... more

10 totally paw-some dog birthday party ideas

Dogs provide us with companionship, all kinds of cuteness and infinite amounts of love — so, the least we can do as pet owners is extoll their brilliance on their birthday on Instagram (of course!) and beyond. No matter the occasion — a dog birthday party, gotcha day, bark-mitzvah, or... more

The 6 food groups every kid should know

Pop quiz: What are the six food groups for kids? If you can easily answer this question, you're ahead in the nutrition game. But if you're like many parents and nannies, you might need some brushing up on your nutritional know-how. That way, instead of forcing kids to... more

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Common questions about teething at 3 months, answered

Can your baby be teething at 3 months old? While most infants get their first teeth between 4 and 6 months old, it's still perfectly normal for teeth to erupt sooner. In fact, although rare, babies can actually be born with teeth! It's not unusual for teething symptoms... more

Housekeeping duties: What you can expect from your housekeeper

If you’ve ever looked around your house in a moment of high stress and wondered if you should hire a housekeeper to help, the answer is probably yes. These days, many households have two parents who are both working outside the home. Working full-time jobs and taking care of the... more

What to say to your child when parting ways with your nanny — and how to manage separation sadness

When Kathryn and Dominick von Jan moved upstate from Brooklyn, New York, it meant parting with their beloved nanny of five years. "Excited as we were for our move, it was devastating to say goodbye to our wonderful nanny, especially for our daughter and son," explains Kathryn. "And I know... more

When seniors put down the car keys: 5 alternative transportation options for elders

My mom was always a great driver — as far as I know, she never got a single traffic ticket in her six decades behind the wheel. But when she started getting lost on the familiar route to her hair salon, we knew it was time to take away the... more