I spend 24 hours a week driving my kids around. Don’t judge me

Something was different. I did a double-take in the mirror. Was that really my rear end? Somehow, it looked different. It wasn’t necessarily bigger, but the weight looked redistributed…  kind of flattened out and spread to the sides. I hadn't gained any significant weight, and I run regularly, so... more

6 tips for starting a carpool for your kids and making it work

As I race (late, as always) to the gate to pick up my twins from school, I see them again — the small groups of kids who aren’t siblings climbing happily into an ever-rotating group of SUVs as they carpool home. And once again I wonder, “How do I get... more

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s: 3 tips for family caregivers

When you find yourself taking care of a parent, sibling or a spouse who has Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, it can seem as if your world has turned upside down. The mom who used to drive you to dance class and give you advice on taking out your first mortgage... more

16 super-easy Crock-Pot dinner recipes for families on the go

Soccer. Gymnastics. Science club. Homework. When you have school-aged kids, afternoons and evenings can be jam-packed. Whipping up an elaborate dinner is rarely more than a Pinterest pipe dream. But just because you don’t have the time — or, let’s face it, the inclination — to dice, chop and simmer... more

Safety checklist: How to dementia-proof every room in your home

Anyone who’s cared for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or other type of dementia knows the worry you can have for their safety. Wandering, forgetfulness, difficulty with depth perception and coordination, and balance issues can not only lead to falls and other serious injuries for a person with dementia, they can also put a household... more

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Here’s when babysitters need to get a contract and what to include

When you start working as a babysitter for a family, there’s a lot to discuss in advance: everything from payment to house rules to emergency procedures. While a written agreement isn’t always necessary, if you sit for a family on a regular basis, drafting a contract can help you and... more

10 medium-sized dog breeds that are great for families

Nothing too big, nothing too small — so, you’ve decided that a medium-sized pooch may be the perfect fit for your family. How big are we talking? Medium-sized usually falls somewhere between 30 to 60 pounds. There are many breeds — not to mention mixed breeds — that could bring... more

Jobs with babies: 16 great career options to work with infants

If you love infants and are looking for job options, we have great news for you: There are lots of well-paying and rewarding careers where you get to spend your time working with babies! But a desire to work with babies and a passion for the work alone won't... more

12 things you should never do while babysitting

True story: My mom friend Lori had a babysitter who shoplifted while watching her child and got caught by the police. Total nightmare for a parent. While shoplifting on the job is an obvious no-no for a babysitter, there are a lot of behaviors you might not realize aren’t OK... more