What every nanny needs to know about nanny shares

The percentage of families seeking a nanny share jumped 23 percent between 2015 and 2016 alone, according to Care.com data. It’s a job high in demand, but how exactly does a nanny share work? And how can it benefit you as a nanny? Here’s what you need to know... more

8 awesome icebreaker activities to help kids warm up to a new nanny or sitter

My first day with a new family is always exciting… but I also dread it a little. As a child care provider, you wonder: “What if the kids get bored? What if they have no fun crafts in the house or they don’t like what I dream up? What if... more

On the Park Bench: How this nanny turns everyday tasks into adventure and fun

In a previous chapter of her career, Laura V., a classically trained French chef, spent hours serving up decadent dishes for restaurant patrons. But the long hours of restaurant work didn’t mix easily with the arrival of motherhood. "I was working full-time as a chef and I was pregnant and... more

What every caregiver needs to know about signing up for health insurance

Even though we have a few more weeks of 2018 left, it’s time to start preparing for 2019. One of the most important items to take care of is your health insurance. As you may know, the Affordable Care Act mandates that you have a health insurance policy. While there... more

The 6 most common ways kids get injured — and how to prevent them

Getting hurt is part of being a kid — and we all want to stick to minor bumps and bruises worthy of a Band-Aid and not a hospital stay. Injury is the number one cause of death in kids and teens in the U.S., according to the Centers for... more

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Crazy-easy Halloween crafts kids can create with everyday household items

Having fun making Halloween crafts doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget ordering elaborate materials and kits on Amazon. In fact, you probably have everything you need to make a simple spooktacular craft in your home already. Before the kids hit sugar coma status, let them get creative making... more

8 common parenting disagreements couples have — and how to handle them

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… constant disagreements over how to handle the finances, what to feed your toddler and exactly who did the dishes last. If you feel like you and your partner bicker more now that you have children, you’re not alone: In one study, 90... more

Is it time to think about assisted living? Look for these signs

Have you recently noticed some changes in a parent or other elderly loved one that made you question whether they were safe in their own home? Or as a caregiver, are you experiencing burnout or struggling to balance your caregiving role with other responsibilities at work and at home? If so, it may... more

6 parenting styles from other countries we can all learn from

Parenting is hard. Even on our best days, when our children are happy, well-fed, somehow still dressed in unstained clothes and we miraculously manage to get out the door on time, it’s still one of the most difficult jobs around. Most of us struggle daily to figure out the best... more