Planning for a Baby: What Is a Doula?

Your friends have talked about them, but what is a doula? Find out how they can help you through labor and tips to find the right one for you. You've taken the childbirth classes. You've heard the labor stories -- both good and bad -- from numerous friends, co-workers and... more

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How to Take Care of a Puppy: A New Owner’s Guide

Setting up a consistent feeding schedule, puppy proofing the house and properly introducing the puppy to its new home will best set everyone up for success. Adding a puppy to the family can often be like one of those Pinterest fails. Your head is filled with all the adorable scenes... more

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Doula vs. Midwife: What’s the Difference?

Find out why it can be helpful to have both a doula and a midwife at your side before, during, and after your child's birth. Doulas and midwives are experts who play intimate, supporting roles in the pregnancy and birthing process -- but their training and individual roles are very... more

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Breaking Down Preschool Benefits and Pricing

Prior to elementary school, preschool serves as your child’s first foray into formal education. While many parents turn to preschool as a means to reenter the workforce, preschool’s main benefit lies in its ability to foster the development of kids under age 6. Picking a preschool should be an easy... more

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What You Need to Know About Daycare Vouchers

With the cost of child care on the rise, daycare vouchers offer financial relief for families in need. When it comes to researching childcare options, there are many factors for parents to consider -- not the least of which is cost. In’s recent Cost of Care Survey, which included... more

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A Caregiver’s Guide to Dealing With Dementia

Learn about the different stages of dementia and how to ensure proper care of a loved one dealing with memory loss.  If you’re dealing with dementia because your parent, spouse or sibling has been diagnosed, it’s important to realize that many things will change over time, including the way that your... more

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The Best 43 House Cleaning Tips From Housekeepers

These house cleaning secrets will make your home sparkle. From stinky shoes to dusty screen doors, every home has its unique cleaning challenges. We've talked with amazing housekeepers across the country to find some of the best house cleaning tips to get your home super clean. Need more help... more

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Babysitter Resumes: What Information Should You Include?

Contact information and work experience should always be on there, but you should skip listing references directly on your resume. The goal of your resume is to make it easier for parents to hire you. No matter how many times you babysat in the past, your resume is often the first thing that prospective... more

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What Is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a document, where the person signing the form, referred to as the Principal, gives someone else the authority to make decisions or enter into agreements on his behalf.The person who is given this authority is referred to as the Agent or Attorney-in-Fact ("AIF".) With... more