18 scary things kids have said that totally freaked out their parents

We all know that kids can say the darnedest things, but sometimes the things kids say are odd, disturbing and, well, downright creepy.  Gary Robusto, co-founder of the Tri-City NY Paranormal Society says it’s not unusual for children to describe paranormal phenomena that defies a rational explanation. Robusto, who... more

More parents are saying ‘no’ to homework and teachers might agree

It’s hard to know who dreads homework more: kids or their parents. After a long day, so many families come home to a stack of worksheets and reading assignments they think are important to helping children become better students, but is that really the case? Recently, parents and teachers alike... more

9 ways YouTube can affect your children and how to make it safer

Whether you’re the parent of a teenager with his own smartphone or have a curious preschooler under your roof, there’s a good chance YouTube plays a role in your family’s screen time. According to a 2018 Pew Research Center study, 81% of parents with kids age 11 and under say... more

8 common misconceptions about nannies that need to go

As a nanny, or even a day care worker or babysitter, you put in the work. You take care of your charges all day long and maybe even overnight and on weekends. But sometimes your hard work goes unrecognized (OK, a lot of the time), and other times people are... more

20 fantastic costumes for pregnant women

Not everything is extra-fun during pregnancy, but Halloween? That’s one holiday any expecting mama can get behind. Is it because of the candy? OK, fine, the candy is pretty great. But the real reason pregnant mamas love Halloween is because of the super-creative, super-cute costume ideas during this time.  Expecting... more

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7 tips for comforting your gassy baby

Any parent who’s been up all night with a gassy baby will tell you: It isn’t fun. The crying, the squirming, the little red face — it’s heartbreaking (and, yes, a little maddening!) But take solace knowing infant gas is also relatively normal.  “Gas is common in newborns since... more

Parents: 11 things to do when you are stressed

Whether you’re the parent of a tantrum-loving toddler or an eye-rolling, rule-pushing teen, having kids can be stressful. And, obviously, stress can lead to a host of nasty byproducts.  “There have been countless studies about the medical conditions caused by stress,” says Snowden McFall, a corporate trainer, stress... more

What to look for in your next dog sitter

The Mary Poppins of pet sitters is out there, and you’re determined to find her. If you’re an owner actively seeking pet care, zeroing in on that special someone to take care of your pet can be daunting, especially if you have high standards like most of us do. Beyond... more

Green cleaning: 7 natural solutions that really work

Taking care of our environment is a process that starts at home. Everything from aerosol cans to harmful cleaning chemicals can affect the earth's delicate balance, but there are plenty of easy ways to make green cleaning choices when it comes to your home. If you use a housekeeper... more