What to do when Grandma doesn’t respect your parenting style

I often find myself wishing my family lived closer to either set of grandparents. From free childcare and frequent family dinners to having that constant source of advice and moral support, there are a lot of advantages to having Grandma and Grandpa present and involved in your child’s daily life... more

Caregiver confessions: Your 20 most embarrassing moments on the job

We've all been there: A mistake made on the job that has you blushing for days. This week we asked caregivers to share with us their most embarrassing moments at work — and they delivered! Turns out, there have been a lot of diaper blowouts, awkward conversations with kids and unfortunate encounters... more

Nannies: How much should you charge for your services?

You’ve had a successful interview for a new nanny position. You like the family, and the family likes you. Now it’s time to answer their next question: “What do you charge for your nanny services?” According to the 2018 Care.com survey, the average nanny makes about $580 a... more

On the Park Bench: How an actress who nannies sings her way through toothbrush time and temper tantrums

Every child care provider knows that taking care of children can call for some serious acting skills. (How many times have you put on a fake smile today?) Luckily for Paige M., it comes naturally: When the 29-year-old nanny and babysitter isn’t watching children, she performs as a part-time actress... more

Nannies: Ask yourself these questions to know if a family is right for you

When walking into an interview, it’s easy to get caught up trying to prove you’re the right fit for a family. There’s pressure to outshine, outperform and out-qualify the competition by showcasing all of your certifications , references and degrees. You want to be the perfect candidate, but that may lead... more

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Your Guide to Pet Insurance

Find out what pet insurance is, how it works and what it costs. Caring for a pet is just as important as caring for a family member for many of the tens of millions of pet owners in the United States. Owners would do anything to ensure their animals get... more

How to Take Care of a Puppy: A New Owner’s Guide

Setting up a consistent feeding schedule, puppy proofing the house and properly introducing the puppy to its new home will best set everyone up for success. Adding a puppy to the family can often be like one of those Pinterest fails. Your head is filled with all the adorable scenes... more

Everything You Need to Know to Become a Qualified CNA

A certified nursing assistant is often the first step to becoming an RN or LPN. If you’re thinking about a career in the medical field, researching how to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is a good first step. It can open the door to many other opportunities such as... more

What Are Realistic Babysitter Responsibilities?

Know what's fair to expect from a babysitter -- and what's not. From Mary Poppins to Supernanny, parents have seen a few too many miracle-working child caregivers to be 100 percent sure what to expect from an everyday babysitter. And sitters want to do a great job caring for... more