What every family needs in a nanny contract

Families should write up a nanny contract for their caregiver


When hiring a nanny, you need to make sure everyone agrees on details related to job duties, pay and benefits, vacation days, house rules and more. The most efficient way to keep everything organized and avoid issues with your nanny down the road is to create a nanny contract. This employment agreement will ensure you talk through important aspects of your nannys role, and holds you both accountable for what you agreed on.


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Below is a list of items that we recommend including into your nanny contract. Alternatively, you can download our free Sample Nanny Contract, which can be personalized to fit your needs. Also review our Nanny Rules that go along with this contract.

Your Next Steps:

  • Download our free sample nanny contract. It is customizable so you can go over the details with your nanny and cater it to your individual needs.
  • Print out two copies of the contract, sign both and ask your nanny to do the same -- then you each keep a copy.
  • Create a payroll account to make handling payment and nanny taxes easier.


What Your Nanny Contract Should Include

  1. Start Date 
  2. Worksite Address
  3. Work Schedule
    • Should encompass all seven days of the week with start and end times - as well as the total daily and weekly hours your nanny will work.
  4. Job Responsibilities
    • Should include a general overview of what the nanny will be expected to do while on the clock. A separate list of detailed tasks, timelines and instructions can be included on a different document if you prefer.
  5. Compensation
    • Should include your nanny's hourly rate of pay, overtime rate of pay and total weekly compensation. You should also let your nanny know if they will be paid weekly or bi-weekly.
  6. Additional Payment Items
    • These include whether you will reimburse for miles driven on the job or cover certain expenses for your nanny, such as health insurance, public transportation, parking or cell phone service.
  7. Paid Time Off
    • Should include any paid sick leave and/or paid vacation days you plan on giving to your nanny.
  8. Holidays
    • Should include a list of paid and unpaid holidays your nanny will have off.
  9. Tax Withholding and Reporting
    • Let your nanny know that taxes will be withheld and that you will be handling their W-2 at year-end and be responsible for reporting their wages to the IRS and the state.
  10. Social Media Policy
    • Describe what an appropriate use of social media is while on the job and whether your nanny is allowed to share photos of your children.
  11. Termination Policy
    • List the items in which your nanny can be fired so they know what is unacceptable while working for your family. You should also discuss expectations, such as advanced notice, if your nanny plans to leave their job.
  12. Raises and Reviews
    • Let your nanny know when their job performance will be reviewed and when they are eligible for a raise.



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