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Part Time $10 – 26/hr Starts 10/21 Blairstown, NJ
I need a companion for my mom this sat. She moved in with me and it was quite unexpected, I am very happy to have her here, Unfortunately large numbers of people and children confuse her.. there is an upstairs apartment for you to keep her company .


Part Time $9 – 25/hr Starts 10/21 Blairstown, NJ
Keeping my mom company so I can get rest when my husband us home.. he travels during the week and leaves at 2 a.m. early Monday morning


Part Time $20 – 35/hr Starts 10/26 Blairstown, NJ
my husband works out of state.. I need someone to stay with my mom while I can rest so he isn't disturb when he is home.. also I am having a get together. and noise confused my mom.. I need someone to keep her company in a 3rd floor apartment so she doesn't get confuse and constantly coming downstairs and risk getting hurt. She is as magic and epileptic, her seizures are very rare.. Her Asthma and confusion is more of an issue


Full Time $9 – 12/hr Starts 10/29 San Antonio, TX
Looking for a companion during the day for a 27-year-old, young lady with Autism. She is fully verbal and only needs minimal help with community skills. Companion must be familiar with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training, and "prompt fading". Also, CPR certified. The client prefers to spend her time shopping, eating lunch out, sitting at coffee shops around town and volunteering at local charities. She is ready to make you her newest friend! This job is funded by a waiver program and payment is bi-weekly. Tax is taken from the paycheck. No cash transactions. The max hours per week is 36. 5, and this job can be split between two people if necessary. Max bi-weekly pay before tax is $790. 00. If you are looking for a day job that isn't too demanding and gets you out of the house, this is it!! We look forward to talking with you!


Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/08 Hutchinson, KS
Need someone for Mom to talk to. Help her wash her hair on Fridays Clean her room When we are out of town, would like for someone to visit her daily just as a welfare check 30 minutes or so.

Companion Care

Part Time $10 – 17/hr Starts 10/21 Nashville, TN
I'm looking for companion care for my mother in her 90s. Looking for a caring and compassionate companion. twice to three times a week one or two hours a day.

Companion Needed

Full Time $11 – 16/hr Starts 10/28 Placentia, CA
We are looking for a caring person to come to our home and spend time with my grandmother. She had fallen in her home and had surgery on her hip but is recovering quickly. We ask that the companion assists her getting out of the recliner and going up and down the two steps in our walkway. She takes medication but does not usually need reminding as her mind is still very sharp. Our ideal companion would be a great listener as my grandma has plenty of stories to tell. And, be able to make simple meals such as small sandwiches or toast with peanut butter. It isn't much as she is was very independent prior to her fall but we worry about the time she would be sitting home alone.

Companion For Dad

Full Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/19 Palo Alto, CA
SEEKING caregiver for Dad located in Palo Alto, CA. Dad is 86 w/osteoporosis and needs stand by assistance getting in/out of bed, toileting and showering. He's both lactose and gluten free and has IBS, so he eats a very simple diet of steamed vegetables, chicken and fish plus a salad. He'll need Medication reminders and guidance with his PT and OT. He lives in his house with his wife who has 24/7 caregivers. They are the cutest loving couple, looking to keep them healthy and happy

Companion Care

Full Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/18 San Antonio, TX
Reliable transportation to transport 57 yr old Male w Down's syndrome to and from work and day program. Light housekeeping meal prep and checklist. Schedule flexible and varies due to his work schedule

Mom's Companion

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/25 Hampton, VA
My mom is 87 and in good mental health. She lives by her self in a nicely kept house in the fox hill area of Hampton. She uses a stroller to get around and likes to stay active by working in her yard and going out to her favorite places around town. But her strength is starting to lessen and she isn't as able to do those things like she did even earlier this summer. She has a very easy going personality and sense of humor. I'm looking for someone to be her companion and even possibly spend a occasional night stay. She is a non smoker with no pets.
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