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Weekend Nanny

Part Time $10 – 18/hr Starts 11/02 Jacksonville, FL
My husband and I will be home but we have 4 small children, age 6 years old and under. We need extra eyes, hands and overall help with all of them. My husband and I could use the assistance of a nanny even though we are both home. They are 6, 4, 2, and 1 years old. we spend a lot of time outside either playing in the driveway, with friends, up at the park or on the beach. We have a very set schedule, we're routine and have well behaved children. Must be comfortable working alongside me and occasionally my husband. Must also be comfortable with light household chores, we keep a very tidy home. And also comfortable with kids meal prep, bath and bedtime, some laundry and a sweet little dog who is the best ever!

Weekend Nanny

Part Time $12 – 17/hr Starts 10/12 Fort Collins, CO
Hi! My husband and I are looking for someone to help out with our four kids on the weekends. We want someone who can commit to one or both days (Saturday and Sunday). We need an extra set of hands to help with the kids and work around the house. Responsibilities would include meal prep for the kids, educational activities, outdoor playtime, help with nap and bedtime, laundry, picking up toys, etc. We need someone who is reliable and consistent.

Every Other Weekend Nanny

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 11/08 Muskego, WI
Looking for a babysitter every other weekend, FRI, SAT, SUN 2:30 pm-3:30 a.m. each night in my home. ER Nurse on weekend program. Beginning November 8th weekend. Two girls, B age 7 and K age 4. We have a dog and a cat. Reach out with any questions!

Weekend Nanny

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/06 Millsap, TX
Watching two adorable children! One is a 10-month-old girl that's, in general, a happy baby. The other is a 4-year-old boy who likes to play!

Weekend Nanny

Part Time $10 – 17/hr Starts 10/12 Fort Lauderdale, FL
To watch after my 6-month-old daughter on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Very easy baby who just likes to play, watch Sesame Street, eat and nap. We loved our last nanny but she had to move away unfortunately. This is an every weekend job until she is old enough for school. We are extremely loving parents who don't believe in cry it out methods. I need someone who is reliable and nurturing. Thanks

Weekend Nanny!

Part Time $11 – 16/hr Starts 10/12 Temecula, CA
Hi! We are looking for a caregiver for our 5-month-old little girl on the weekend for about 6 hours each day while we are at work! If you prefer to care for her at our home, we ask that you are comfortable with dogs as we have two!

Weekend Nanny

Part Time $10 – 20/hr Starts 10/12 Cranberry Township, PA
We are looking for a nanny every Saturday from the hours of 8-4. In additional to some date nights every now and then. We have 3 kids. Please be comfortable with dogs and a non smoker.

Weekend Nanny

Part Time $9 – 9/hr Starts 01/04 Pompano Beach, FL
Seeking a nanny for 1 child. I would prefer someone who would accompany me taking my daughter out to activities, run errands, visit family members and friends. Help with expanding daughters education, reach milestones, and potty train. Meal preparation at times. Someone who could match daughters energy.Cameras are in places throughout the home.Getting a dog in the future so please consider when applying. Pay - $255 per weekend

Weekend Relief

Part Time $17 – 20/hr Starts 10/05 New York, NY
Greetings, We are looking for someone to come either Saturday or Sunday to give our current nanny relief. We have a 10-year-old girl that is quirky and fun. She loves escape rooms and Greek mythology. We are usually flexible on which day. Hours are 9-7. Generally hanging with the kiddo, possible light errands. Light meal prep for child at times. End of day just making sure dishwasher is loaded and trash out. We also have a cat but nothing needs to be done for her care. Thanks for looking and looking forward to hearing from you.

Weekend Professional Nanny

Part Time $21 – 23/hr Starts 10/14 Los Gatos, CA
Seeking a weekend nanny for our one and 5-year-old. Must be good with both ages and OK with parents around. You will be an extra set of arms on the weekends for us. Hours will be flexible but ideally sat 1-8 and Sunday 10-4 This will be every weekend, so must be able To commit to the weekend position.
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