WABAN (4-6 yrs) Week 6: When I Grow Up / Cuando Sea Grande

Mon (8/3) 9am–3pm EDT
Tue (8/4) 9am–3pm EDT
Wed (8/5) 9am–3pm EDT
Thu (8/6) 9am–3pm EDT
Fri (8/7) 9am–3pm EDT
3–7 yrs old
Drop-off: kids only

This week children will ask the question "What do I want to be when I grow up?" Children will build, explore and contrast different sceneries to explore professions. For what they will go on a trip and meet with campesinos and natives of the Americas to more urban professions we encounter every day. Children will build, explore and contrast different scenes depicting these professions. We will build a community of helping professionals seen in today's multicultural neighborhoods. Children will learn that a community can be small, with only a few buildings and residents, or large, modern cities. Students in our recreated community will each other by offering goods and services. We'll learn the importance of being bilingual in a multicultural community, and will learn how to bridge cultures and differences when we are bilingual. During the week, the class will be visited by individuals of various professions to show how each is helping his and her communities every day.

$30 4:00 pm for the series