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101 fun winter activities for kids

From active outdoor activities to relaxing (stunning!) crafts, don't miss our exhaustive list of winter activities for kids of every age.

Unlike spring, summer and fall, when the weather is almost always ripe for open-ended outdoor activities, winter takes a little more planning. While snowy days offer their own magical brand of play, frankly speaking, little ones can only build so many snowmen. And to that point, parents can only spend a third of their day dressing and undressing their kids in snow gear so many times.

On the hunt for winter activities for kids that go beyond movies and hot cocoa? Say no more. From outdoor winter activities for toddlers to easy winter crafts the whole family will want to get in on, here are 101 winter activities for kids of all ages. Bring on the cold!

  1. Use differently shaped containers to mold snow.
  2. Come up with a winter tale using story stones.
  3. Make snowmen out of unwanted socks.
  4. Have a winter campout indoors.
  5. Make Swedish snowball lanterns.
  6. Make an igloo out of pillows.
  7. Make s’mores.
  8. Do a craft using only things found in nature.
  9. Read a book.
  10. Use masking tape to make an indoor maze.
  11. Make slime. 
  12. Make penguin snacks.
  13. Have a DIY spa day.
  14. Write a bucket list for the warmer months ahead.
  15. Make penguins from empty toilet paper rolls.
  16. Bundle up and go for a walk.
  17. Practice tracing with cookie cutters.
  18. Make a snowy sensory bin.
  19. Start an indoor garden.
  20. Learn a magic trick.
  21. Paint the snow.
  22. Make frozen hot chocolate.
  23. Go on a virtual vacation.
  24. Have a family sleepover in the living room.
  25. Have a family talent show.
  26. Use rubber gloves to make finger puppets.
  27. Have an indoor snowball fight.
  28. Use only flashlights after the sun goes down.
  29. Remember it’s never too cold for ice cream!
  30. Construct a backyard ice rink for skating.
  31. Have an indoor picnic.
  32. Go snow-shoeing.
  33. Play a game of finger spelling.
  34. Start a scrapbook.
  35. Find the biggest hill near you and go sledding.
  36. Take up punch needling.
  37. Take a virtual cooking class.
  38. Do random acts of kindness.
  39. Create a paper mache snowman indoors.
  40. Make a snow globe.
  41. Fight the winter blues by making a list of your favorite things.
  42. Make paper bag animals.
  43. Set up an indoor obstacle course.
  44. Have a proper tea party.
  45. Share old photos with the kids.
  46. Make paper snowflakes.
  47. Make a winter wreath out of paper.
  48. Have a pillow fight.
  49. Enjoy free ebooks.
  50. Make your own playdough.
  51. Build a snow fort out of a snowbank.
  52. Do a puzzle together.
  53. Have a movie marathon.
  54. Get out the crayons and coloring books.
  55. Play dress-up.
  56. Make nature confetti.
  57. Make a batch of fluffy cloud dough.
  58. Add extra bubbles to a warm bath.
  59. Turn off the lights for a game of flashlight tag.
  60. Make a structure out of marshmallows and toothpicks.
  61. Forget the cold and make Popsicles!
  62. Put on some music and have a dance party with glow sticks.
  63. Make frozen suncatchers.
  64. One of the best winter activities for kids ? A scavenger hunt!
  65. See who can collect the most loose change around the house.
  66. Make a snowstorm in a jar.
  67. Build a snowman.
  68. Try I Spy when everything is covered with snow.
  69. Make a stop-motion video.
  70. Make frozen water balloons.
  71. Make cinnamon sugar snowflakes.
  72. Make something from all those empty boxes after the holidays.
  73. Dress up and act like your favorite characters.
  74. Make your own weather station.
  75. Have a paper airplane air show.
  76. Make your own snow.
  77. Try to recreate your favorite winter memories.
  78. Make a snow volcano.
  79. Make snowflake stamp art.
  80. Make a cave of stars.
  81. Make a winter photo album.
  82. Make crazy crayons.
  83. Catch snowflakes on your tongue.
  84. Look online for free printables.
  85. Bury small toys outside for a snowy treasure hunt.
  86. Play freeze tag inside.
  87. Visit an outdoor museum or sculpture garden.
  88. Repurpose old or broken toys.
  89. Try minute-to-win-it games.
  90. Ignore the blizzard outside and enjoy a beach-themed party inside.
  91. Put colored water in a spray bottle and write in the snow.
  92. Donate unwanted coats and toys.
  93. Make a batch of salt dough and preserve their creations.
  94. Learn to knit.
  95. Drive through a car wash.
  96. Make ice cream snow.
  97. Make your own board game.
  98. Try bowling outside with snowballs.
  99. Shovel a snow maze.
  100. Get cozy and listen to audiobooks together. 
  101. Make some feeders for the hungry animals outside.