50 best G-rated movies on Netflix

50 best kids’ movies on Netflix

Feel overwhelmed every time you try to find a kids’ movie to stream? Here's a lineup of G rated movies on Netflix that the whole fam will love.

Family movie night is a time-honored tradition. Who doesn’t love hunkering down on the couch with a bucket of popcorn for a few hours of cozy entertainment with the kids? But with so much content available, choosing a film can get downright stressful — particularly if you’re trying to find an age-appropriate flick for little ones. 

Studies have shown that when kids are exposed to violence in the media, it can cause emotional distress, antisocial behavior and even long-term mental health issues. And on the flip side, when kids watch movies that are geared toward their age group, they can instill valuable lessons and help build character.  

In other words, when your kids are small, sticking to G-rated movies on Netflix is a wise decision. 

Feel overwhelmed every time you try to find a wholesome and entertaining kids’ movie? Here are 50 G rated movies on Netflix the whole family will love. 

1. ‘Spelling the Dream’

A documentary that examines the role spelling bees play in many Indian-Americans’ lives. 

Watch:Spelling the Dream” on Netflix

2. ‘Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon’

The dragons need to find a special egg and keep it safe from pirates. 

Watch:Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon” on Netflix

3. ‘Extinct’

Two furry friends travel to the future. 

Watch:Extinct” on Netflix  

4. ‘Free Rein Valentine’s Day’

Four friends go on a quest to find the fabled Maid’s Stone.

Watch:Free Rein Valentine’s Day” on Netflix  

5. ‘Pets United’

A street-smart pup and pampered cat join forces to fight crime.  

Watch:Pets United” on Netflix  

6. ‘Shrek: The Musical’

A live musical version of the beloved film.

Watch:Shrek: The Musical” on Netflix  

7. ‘Blippi the Musical’

The iconic kids’ show in musical form.

Watch:Blippi the Musical” on Netflix  

8. ‘Jessica Darling’s It List’

A young girl tries to navigate the social ins and outs of middle school. 

Watch:Jessica Darling’s It List” on Netflix  

9. ‘Robin Robin’

A shorter animated film about a robin who wants to learn how to fly.

Watch:Robin Robin” on Netflix  

10. ‘Pup Star: World Tour’

Tiny becomes the judge of a singing competition. 

Watch:Pup Star: World Tour” on Netflix  

11. ‘Our Planet: One Planet’

Every age can learn about the planet Earth in this documentary-style movie. 

Watch:Our Planet: One Planet” on Netflix  

12. ‘Latte and the Magic Waterstone’

A hedgehog sets out to save forest creatures from a drought. 

Watch:Latte and the Magic Waterstone” on Netflix  

13. ‘Going for Gold’

A girl convinces her friends to start a cheer squad.

Watch:Going for Gold” on Netflix  

14. ‘The Main Event’

An 11-year-old becomes a famous wrestler after discovering a magical mask. 

Watch:The Main Event” on Netflix  

15. ‘Ivy + Bean’

The hilarious, beloved books in movie form.

Watch:Ivy + Bean” on Netflix  

16. ‘Barbie Dolphin Magic’

Barbie and her sisters discover rainbow dolphins while working at a coral reef. 

Watch:Barbie Dolphin Magic” on Netflix  

17. ‘Barbie Princess Adventure’

A fun sing-along, where Barbie trades places with a princess.

Watch:Barbie Princess Adventure” on Netflix  

18. ‘Octonauts and the Caves of Sac Actun’

The octonauts help an octopus find its way home. 

Watch:Octonauts and the Caves of Sac Actun” on Netflix  

19. ‘Sahara’

Two best friend snakes set out on a mission to find a captured love. 

Watch:Sahara” on Netflix  

20. ‘Puff Wonders of the Reef’

A real-life puffer fish makes an extraordinary journey. 

Watch:Puff Wonders of the Reef” on Netflix  

21. ‘Malibu Rescue’

Aspiring junior lifeguards try to prove themselves to obnoxious rich kids.  

Watch:Malibu Rescue” on Netflix  

22. ‘Bigfoot Family’

Bigfoot’s son needs to find him when he goes missing.  

Watch:Bigfoot Family” on Netflix  

23. ‘Benji’

A rescue dog, Benji, helps a brother and sister out when they find themselves in danger. 

Watch:Benji” on Netflix  

24. ‘A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon’

Shaun the Sheep makes friends with an alien who lands near Mossy Bottom Farm.

Watch:A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon” on Netflix  

25. ‘Raising the Bar’

Teen gymnasts deal with peer pressure while competing against each other. 

Watch:Raising the Bar” on Netflix  

26. ‘Back of the Net’

A science whiz accidentally finds herself on the soccer team.

Watch:Back of the Net” on Netflix  

27. ‘Radio Rebel’

A shy girl becomes a mystery DJ for her school. 

Watch:Radio Rebel” on Netflix  

28. ‘Jinxed’ 

A young girl tries to end her family’s never-ending streak of bad luck. 

Watch:Jinxed” on Netflix  

29. ‘Charming’

An irresistible prince tries to find his one true love.

Watch:Charming” on Netflix  

30. ‘Pinkfong & Baby Shark’s Space Adventure’

Baby Shark travels to outer space to retrieve a special star. 

Watch:Pinkfong & Baby Shark’s Space Adventure” on Netflix

31. ‘Dog Gone Trouble’

A pampered dog tries to survive on his own in the streets. 

Watch:Dog Gone Trouble” on Netflix

32. ‘Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back — Evolution’

A powerful creature is unleashed after the discovery of a Pokémon fossil.

Watch:Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back — Evolution” on Netflix

33. ‘Animal Crackers’

Overworked parents leave their jobs and become circus owners.

Watch:Animal Crackers” on Netflix

34. ‘Seal Team’

A brave seal recruits friends to stand up to a mean gang of sharks. 

Watch:Seal Team” on Netflix

35. ‘The Little Vampire’

A lonely kid befriends a vampire.  

Watch:The Little Vampire” on Netflix

36. ‘Fe@rless’

An avid gamer has to become a babysitter.

Watch:Fe@rless” on Netflix

37. ‘Beat Bugs: All Together Now’ 

A group of bugs compete on “The Bug Factor,” a televised singing contest.

Watch:Beat Bugs: All Together Now” on Netflix

38. ‘Fishtronaut: The Movie’

A clever fish swims to a big city to find his grandpa. 

Watch: Fishtronaut: The Movie” on Netflix

39. ‘Super Monsters: Furever Friends’ 

Adorable monsters have a party to celebrate the first day of spring. 

Watch: Super Monsters: Furever Friends” on Netflix

40. ‘Ivy + Bean: Doomed to Dance

Ivy and Bean sign up for ballet class.

Watch:Ivy + Bean: Doomed to Dance” on Netflix

41. ‘My Octopus Teacher’

A filmmaker documents his year befriending an octopus in South Africa. 

Watch: My Octopus Teacher” on Netflix

42. ‘Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness’ 

A brave animal teams up with friends to explore the world.

Watch:Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness” on Netflix

43. ‘Pants on Fire’

A teen lies to become popular, and the lies begin to backfire.

Watch: Pants on Fire” on Netflix

44. ‘The Princess Switch: Switched Again’

A duchess’s coronation is coming, and she has two look-alikes. What could go wrong?

Watch: The Princess Switch: Switched Again” on Netflix

45. ‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids in Space’

The Magic School Bus heads to the International Space Station.

Watch: The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids in Space” on Netflix

46. ‘Rescued by Ruby’

Two underdogs — a state trooper and a smart (but kinda naughty) shelter dog named Ruby — team up.

Watch: Rescued by Ruby” on Netflix

47. ‘Feel the Beat’ 

A dancer returns home to coach a young squad after blowing an audition. 

Watch: Feel the Beat” on Netflix

48. ‘Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave’

A group of lifeguards inadvertently find themselves in a competition. 

Watch: Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave” on Netflix

49. ‘Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday’

Wintry weather threatens to cancel one of the dragons’ most beloved holidays. 

Watch: “‘Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday” on Netflix

50. ‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again: In the Zone’

The gang learns about time zones, but going on a pop star’s New Year’s Eve tour.

Watch: The Magic School Bus Rides Again: In the Zone” on Netflix

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