Hi-Five Virtual Camp Experience Week 3

Mon (6/29) 10am–4pm
Tue (6/30) 10am–4pm
Wed (7/1) 10am–4pm
Thu (7/2) 10am–4pm
Fri (7/3) 10am–4pm
In business since '19
5–10 yrs old
Optional: adults can stay or take a breather

Hi-Five Virtual Camp Experience is like no other virtual program through Zoom on the market! Think of it much like a live interactive TV broadcast. We believe this is the time to expose children to as many enrichment activities, live events, and entertainment as possible. Hi-Five has a wide variety of activities, live performances, and local HS/College athletes to fill and fit any daily schedule. Our virtual camp also gives your child the opportunity to discover their love for not only team sports, but also new hobbies like coding, music/video production, cooking and so much more!

Hi-Five has teamed up with the very best in the youth activity and entertainment business to further diversify our virtual camp experience. Similar to a TV broadcast schedule, children can tune in and tune out different programming as they wish. We want to be your backup on a daily basis and help children continue to sharpen current skills and learn new ones, be entertained, and most importantly, have fun!

Families will receive one Zoom link per day and will be emailed prior to class with full daily schedule. Our goal is to make this as easy as possibly for parents to get their children logged in for the day so they can tune in when they want to.

This series already took place