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Let’s Get Cooking! Culinary Artistas offers creative cooking classes for kids in beautiful Ghirardelli Square. We offer fun cooking classes , camps, parties and other celebrations and classes at your child's school! If you’re visiting San Francisco, leave your kid with us! What better way for your kiddos to connect with the city’s food culture while you explore?!

We believe that food is foundational and cooking is the ultimate sensory experience. Our mission is to provide fun cooking classes for kids that help them develop creative minds and healthy bodies. We believe cooking is a language that connects us to our cultures, stories, bodies, minds and souls.

Cooking is a great tool that can help kids learn a multitude of disciplines, while creating great memories. At Culinary Artistas, we know that we learn best by engaging all our senses and working with our hands. We love talking about culinary everything and anything. Please come by and say hi! We’d love to meet you and the fam!

In business since June, '16
Alicia Faris

Chef Alicia is a holistic nutritionist and culinary educator who finds time spent cooking and sharing nourishing meals the best kind of medicine. Inspired by bountiful California produce, she dove head first into the ...

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Chef Eliza

Eliza has worked in restaurants for over 10 years, her culinary adventures igniting in New York City. There, she studied at the Institute of Culinary Education and worked at the Rachael Ray Show, Saveur Magazine, and ...

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Chef Vanessa

Some of my earliest memories are the Sunday lunches that my Venetian grandmother used to cook for our family in her old-fashioned kitchen, at the heart of São Paulo city, in my native Brazil. I was the first granddaug...

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Darren Foote

Jessica Welsh

From her own birthday parties to family celebrations, Jessie grew up loving to plan events. After completing her B.S. in Business at UC Berkeley, she followed her passion for transforming big ideas into reality to Lin...

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Kyle Favis

Olivia Echevarria

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