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Sarah G.'s Photo

Sarah G.

Leesburg, VA


Experienced Tutor

Background Check

7 years of experience tutoring in Math, Science, English, and Music (piano, guitar, and music theory).

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I've volunteered to tutor at orphanages in Egypt since I was 16 years old! Specialties are the humanities; I have a bachelors in International Relations, a Minor in Italian and currently getting a Masters degree in Arts Management! I'd describe my personality as dependable, ambitious and driven! I'm looking for a job that...

Serena B.

Ashburn, VA


Serena B. From Broadlands, Virginia

Background Check

Although not having that much experience in professional tutoring, I have always found myself helping those around me at school as well as my younger sibling at home, and I can say that based on their 'reviews', I've done a pretty good job! My priority with your kids is to ensure that they understand the concept as quick and...
Mervat A.'s Photo

Mervat A.

Venice, FL

$10-15/hr10 yrs exp

Arabic Language Tutor and Math Tutor for Elementary School Kids

Background Check

I was born in Egypt; Arabic is my first language. I have 10 years experience in tutoring Arabic and Math.
Shireen A.'s Photo

Shireen A.

Santa Clara, CA

$17/hr1 yrs exp

Arabic Language Tutor For K-8th Grade

Background Check

I taught Arabic to preschool students at several day care centers. I completed coursework in Arabic and I am a native speaker. I also completed coursework in English, with which I am also fluent.
Mohammed A.'s Photo

Mohammed A.

Portland, OR

$15-25/hr4 yrs exp

Arabic Teacher

Background Check

Hi there, I am native Arabic speaker, and I can teach it for beginners who are interested in the language.
Dan L.'s Photo

Dan L.

Charlottesville, VA

$20/hr5 yrs exp

Experienced Arabic Tutor In The Charlottesville Area

Background Check

I have a Master's in Middle East and Arabic studies from Georgetown, and have tutored beginning- and intermediate-level Arabic learners. I can supplement my lessons with my own materials, and provide plenty of recommendations for books, videos, etc. to help you or your student pick up the language (Arabic is not as difficult as...
Aicha S.'s Photo

Aicha S.

Dedham, MA

$20-30/hr1 yrs exp

Part Time French And Arabic Tutor

Background Check

I am originally from Morocco. I have studied french for 18 years in school. I have a masters in Marketing from a business school in Marrakech Morocco. I am 23 years old, I recently moved to Massachusetts to join my husband. I have tutored my siblings and cousins for years. I am very fluent in French and Arabic.
Naya A.'s Photo

Naya A.

Austin, TX

$20-35/hr3 yrs exp

Experienced Tutor In Maths, Sciences, English, French And Arabic

Background Check

Hello, I graduated in 2018 with a degree in Finance and minor in Accounting. I was a T. A throughout college and helped students in various statistical classes. I tutored several kids between ages 3-16 in maths, english, french and arabic. I have experience in the Montessori system and the french system, happy to provide...
Ursula W.'s Photo

Ursula W.

Oklahoma City, OK

$20/hr3 yrs exp

Tutor And Nanny Fluent In Arabic, Spanish And English

Background Check

Hi! I'm a Chicago native who has spent the last year traveling through Morocco. I'm creative, love the arts and language. I have 3 years experience working with children of all ages, including daycare for children under 2 years old, and as a camp counselor for children ages 6-15. I can tutor for Arabic and Spanish, as well as...
Rouayda D.'s Photo

Rouayda D.

Miami, FL

$35-45/hr10 yrs exp

Experienced French, Arabic, Elementary Math Tutor



Background Check

I like teaching very much and I like the children as well I have been always around them . I have always had a love for learning and teaching I am a very educated person, I am a Pharmacist with major of Microbiology from Paris-France, so I speak French very well. My daughters were in French school from pre-k to high school, I...

Recent reviews:

Rouayda is a wonderful tutor! She is very punctual which was very important for us. She tailors the lesson to your specific needs and interests. Her lessons are engaging and are always fun! Her schedule is...

Reviewed by Care member

Taha M.'s Photo

Taha M.

Dearborn, MI

$22/hr2 yrs exp

Tutor (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Arabic)

Background Check

Hello! My name is Taha. I am a full-time mechanical engineer that's looking to fill his extra time with helping students achieve their goals. My experience with tutoring is however limited to helping my friends during high school and college with classes like math, physics, and chemistry, so please bear with me as I get better...
Rofida K.'s Photo

Rofida K.

Annandale, VA

$50-75/hr5 yrs exp

Arabic Tutor

Background Check

I can tutor any subject for elementary school. And I can tutor Biology and math up to high school. I also have tutored a hand full of kids and adults Arabic. I lived abroad for 10 years and I'm fluent in Arabic and English.
Nouhaila A.'s Photo

Nouhaila A.

Brooklyn, NY

$27-113/hr6 yrs exp

English Arabic And French Teaching

Background Check

I am pleased to be your child's Arabic /french/english teacher this year. I am very interested in having your support and working as a team with your family in order to have a very successful school year. I am a native from Morocco, and I am very proud to teach my language and my culture to your child.
Fatima Zahra H.'s Photo

Fatima Zahra H.

Tacoma, WA

$20-60/hr3 yrs exp

Willing To Teach Both Adults And Children French/Arabic. Contact Me If You Re Interested!

Background Check

I am fluent in both French and Arabic as well as English and have spoken the first 2 all my life. I have 2 years of French tutoring experience in Morocco where Ive helped a 9-year-old girl with her French on top of a whole scholar year of tutoring with College Nannies and Tutors. I would be more than happy to help anyone...
Samuel P.'s Photo

Samuel P.

Hillsborough, NJ

$27-50/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

As a lawyer, trained at Harvard College and Law School, I had to learn techniques to assimilate knowledge and hone my language, writing, math, and science skills to high level to advise my clients well. I also enjoyed tutoring my children and teaching some of my hobbies to others (e. g., Tai Chi) in my spare time. I would be...
Amar B.'s Photo

Amar B.

Houston, TX

$17-28/hr4 yrs exp

Arabic Tutoring

Background Check

Hello! My name is Amar and I'm 20 years old. I'm a student and part-time nanny. I lived most of my life in Lebanon and am extremely fluent in Arabic! I also have some experience with math tutoring and absolutely love helping others prepare and enjoy learning! Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information, thank you!
Ali A.'s Photo

Ali A.

San Diego, CA

$21-26/hr1 yrs exp


Background Check

Hi! I have a science degree in biology and was a first responder. I was a paid tutor in college and would love to continue pursuing my teaching passion
Narjes A.'s Photo

Narjes A.

Brooklyn, NY

$60-150/hr3 yrs exp

Arabic Language

Background Check

Hello! I'm your language tutor from Saudi Arabia, offering personalized Arabic lessons. With a strong foundation in grammar, teaching is my passion. I've been sharing my language expertise since my early days, starting from kindergarten. Beyond language, my love for the arts extends to calligraphy, where I excel in creating...
Sami S.'s Photo

Sami S.

Lincoln, RI

$25-45/hr5 yrs exp

Arabic Native Speaker, Fluent In English And French.Have Done 3 Years Of French Literature.



Background Check

Hello, my name is Sami. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my profile! I am a language lover who is a junior at Rhode Island College majoring in French. I'm an Arabic native speaker who started learning French in 5th grade, and from that time, I have fallen in love with this beautiful language! My goal is to be a French...
Sara A.'s Photo

Sara A.

Chicago, IL

$27/hr10 yrs exp

Want To Learn Arabic Or French ?

Background Check

Bonjour, = I am 24 years old, born in Chicago grew up in Algeria. I enjoy traveling. I have been to multiple countries such as France, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia, turkey and hopefully other more countries to go . Grown-up in Algeria French is our second language thats why we utilize it a lot and Arabic is our main. I loved...

Background Check

Hi, my name is Sherry. I am 18 years old and a first year college student, at COS! I am transferring to Fresno State in the fall to achieve my bachelors degree in Speech Language Pathology. Throughout high school I was a straight 4. 0 student and graduated with a 4. 3. I am a hard worker and love helping people around me! Both...
Habib M.'s Photo

Habib M.

Moreno Valley, CA

$27-50/hr7 yrs exp

A Professional, Patient English Teacher

Background Check

I have seven years of experience. I can help with English and Foreign Languages (Arabic). I have taught students of varying age groups and learning levels. I am a professional, competent, patient teacher.
Kothar A.'s Photo

Kothar A.

Monterey Park, CA

$35-50/hr4 yrs exp

Background Check

A biological engineering graduate with ample knowledge in math and science ready to pass on to others.
Safaa G.'s Photo

Safaa G.

Redondo Beach, CA

$17-50/hr3 yrs exp

I Am Passionate About My Career, Because I Am Able To Help The Need Of Every Student.

Background Check

I am an educator for over 20 years. I enjoyed helping the kids in different ways. I personally think every child is a star, because they all capable to do and accomplish different things in life. In order to that happen we have to help and support them as much as we can. I'd describe my personality as friendly, active, and...
Zaineb Z.'s Photo

Zaineb Z.

Somerset, NJ

$25-40/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

Hello! My name is Zaineb and I am a fourth year medical student graduating in 6 months. I am available for part-time tutoring high-school level and below for the next few months in English, Math, and Science. I have experience as a paid tutor during high school and college. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!
Alejandra O.'s Photo

Alejandra O.

Cincinnati, OH


Passionate Tutor Fostering

Background Check

Hello, I'm Alejandra an enthusiastic and patient tutor dedicated to nurturing a love for learning, dancing, teaching Spanish, business woman, With a background in psychology, dance instructor, business savvy, I strive to make complex concepts understandable and enjoyable. Whether it's homework help, exam preparation, or skill...
Taylor W.'s Photo

Taylor W.

Hightstown, NJ

$69/hr10 yrs exp

Background Check

I have over 10 years of experience teaching Spanish at a boarding school in central New Jersey. I also have a TEFL Certificate and experience teaching ESL in schools in Italy and Spain. In my spare time, I like to train capoeira, surf, and dance. One thing you should know about me is I love teaching and I have a passion for...
Merna S.'s Photo

Merna S.

Fairfax, VA

$24-29/hr6 yrs exp

Background Check

I have been working in the school system for over 8 years with different ages, developmental, and intellectual needs. I am full time student majoring in Human development and Family science. I have a full time job as an elementary school administrative assistant, classroom monitor, and enrichment tutor. I am certified in child...
Mary S.'s Photo

Mary S.

Los Angeles, CA

$25-30/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

Hi! My name is Mary! I have 3 years experience in tutoring and working with elementary and middle school students. Previously, I have tutored in English, Math, and Music and am comfortable tutoring in more subjects upon request. I currently am a full time Songwriter and Vocal Coach. I love working with kids and allowing them a...

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