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Sean T.'s Photo

Sean T.

El Segundo, CA

$25/hr7 yrs exp

Number Cruncher And Long-distance Runner

Background Check

I'm Sean a structural analysis engineer at Blue Origin who wants to be your next math tutor! For the past 7 years, I have performed structural analysis on spacecraft to ensure that they are mechanically strong enough to survive flight environments, endure space travel, and safely return to Earth. My education includes both a BS...
Danielle G.'s Photo

Danielle G.

Lyndhurst, NJ

$40-50/hr2 yrs exp

Engineer Specializing In Math And Sciences

Background Check

I can tutor in any elementary subject, and have experience with children of all ages (6-20). My skills: Elementary Math (number sense, word problems, fractions, algebra). High School Math (advanced algebra, geometry, analysis, calculus). SAT Math.
Cornelia C.'s Photo

Cornelia C.

Middletown, CT

$23-35/hr1 yrs exp

Fun And Reliable Math Ans English Tutor

Background Check

As a dedicated Math and English tutor, I am passionate about empowering students to excel in these subjects. I am currently studying for my bachelor's degree in Economics with a minor in Data Analysis. I have successfully helped students of all ages and skills improve in Math and English.
Alana C.'s Photo

Alana C.

Norfolk, VA

$25-35/hr7 yrs exp

Part-time Math Tutor Available

Background Check

I taught math for 1 year in Hampton City Schools, and 5 years in Norfolk City Schools. I mostly taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Algebra Functions and Data Analysis, but I have also helped tutor for the PSAT, SAT math sections, GRE math sections, and the Math Content Praxis II (math teacher certification test). I am received a...

Background Check

I'm graduating with a degree in genetics and cell biology from WSU. I'm also working with children receiving applied behavior analysis therapy and often help with math, reading, and many other subjects.
Tiffany T.'s Photo

Tiffany T.

Rosemount, MN

$49-100/hr9 yrs exp

High School Math Teacher

Background Check

I am in my 10th year of teaching high school math. I currently teach Geometry and Math Analysis (which is essentially Algebra 2). My favorite part of teaching is watching students have "ah ha" moments. I work hard to not just tell students an answer but guide them into thinking through the the problem. I look forward to helping...
Dominic U.'s Photo

Dominic U.

Appleton, WI

$14-25/hr1 yrs exp

Math Major Who Loves Teaching Math

Background Check

I am a currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Mathematics for Data and Risk Analysis. Although my focus in in mathematics, I excel with other subjects such as chemistry, writing, and general science. I have a passion for teaching people and helping them grow. I'm looking forward to working with...
Thomas R.'s Photo

Thomas R.

Lehi, UT

$25-40/hr10 yrs exp

Math Tutor Who Geeks Out

Background Check

I have taught math on the collegiate level for 16 years and on the high school level for 3. I tutored as an undergraduate (Weber Statue University) for three years, with subjects of Math, American History, and Accounting. While there, I earned Master Tutor certification from the National Reading and Learning Association. I was...
James L.'s Photo

James L.

Bloomfield, NJ

$40-50/hr10 yrs exp

Teaching Bio:

Background Check

My experience includes 7 years teaching Elementary and Middle School children. I am state certified in English and Elementary Education. My teaching is rooted in the classical education style of analysis and critical thought. For example, applying math skills to real life problem solving, grammar analysis through sentence...
Rosario D.'s Photo

Rosario D.

Hermosa Beach, CA

$75-100/hr3 yrs exp

Part-time Tutor Available

Background Check

I am an Industrial Engineer and Experienced Software Consultant. I enjoy tutoring math, and Spanish. On the Mathematics track I have taken Math I, Math II, Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Differential Equations. On the Physics track I have taken Physics I, Physics II, Engineering Analysis : Statics, Engineering Analysis...
Kassandra D.'s Photo

Kassandra D.

Fairfax, VA

$30-60/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

Hi! I am currently a college student looking to help kids of elementary/ middle school/ or high school. I can help with these subjects Math (elementary math - precalculus with trig) English (reading analysis and writing or esl ) Foreign language (I'm fluent in Russian and I can help with French) Let me know if you have any...

Background Check

I've been taking math classes my entire life and have a good understanding of how to do simple math. I am currently taking Intro to Mathmatical Analysis, and have taken Calc 1, Precal, Alg 1 and 2, Geometry etc. with a good understanding of topics in each subject. I don't have a degree in math or a teaching degree, but I am...
Jeslaine M.'s Photo

Jeslaine M.

Norfolk, VA

$16-21/hr2 yrs exp

General Tutor

Background Check

I have tutored on and off since 2018. My best subject is English, specifically essay writing and literature analysis. I have experience in math ranging from basic elementary math up to advanced calculus. As for test prep, I have previous experience with AP tests, (English Lang/Lit, Statistics, Physics, Biology, Spanish Lang/Lit,...
Megha N.'s Photo

Megha N.

Peoria, IL

$14-25/hr1 yrs exp

Math And English Tutor

Background Check

Hello! I recently have graduated from UIUC with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I would like to meet and help people outside my job, which is why I am excited to tutor part time. Throughout my schooling, I have been involved with writing clubs and classes such as journalism, creative writing, and literary analysis classes. I...
Aynsleigh E.'s Photo

Aynsleigh E.

Richmond, VA

$25/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

I have extensive experience teaching and understanding literary analysis, writing skill development, and basic reading comprehension. I can assist with all k-12 english based courses, as well as k-5 math and science. I can also help with test preparation for the SAT reading and verbal communication sections.

Background Check

I am currently in medical school at ECU. I have a masters degree in neuroscience. My bachelors degree is in history which required a considerable amount of writing and text analysis. I can help with basic math, but it's been a long time since I've done calculus or trig.
Anna M.'s Photo

Anna M.

San Luis Obispo, CA

$18-23/hr5 yrs exp

College Student Good At Math And Working With Kids!

Background Check

Hi! My name is Anna and I'm a third year Computer Science major. I am available to tutor late evenings (after 6 pm) or on weekends in Italian and in math. I've taken all math (all the way through Calc 4 and Linear Analysis). I also am working on my Italian minor and studied abroad two years ago to immerse myself in the Italian...
Naya S.'s Photo

Naya S.

San Diego, CA

$25-45/hr10 yrs exp


Background Check

Hello everyone! I am a supportive Math Tutor with 10 years of experience guiding K-12 and college students through academic challenges in individualized sessions, both in private and group settings. I provide varying methods of instruction, helping students establish personal goals and remain accountable for success. I can help...
Leia R.'s Photo

Leia R.

Englewood, CO

$17-150/hr3 yrs exp

Tutor And Sitter!

Background Check

I have 3 years of experience working with middle and high school children in tutoring. I can help with math, science, writing, and other subjects! In college, I tutor for Quantitative Analysis and study Sociology and Public Health. I was a camp counselor and activity coordinator for two years as well!
Marissa N.'s Photo

Marissa N.

Roanoke, VA

$25-40/hr5 yrs exp

Get Tutoring From A Certified Teacher!

Background Check

Get Reading and Math tutoring from a licensed teacher! I have my M. Ed. In Special Education and am currently teaching in an elementary school setting. I also have a strong background in various phonics methods and am familiar with elementary math concepts.! I have training in Orton-Gillingham, Fountas and Pinnel and LETRs...
Kurstyn E.'s Photo

Kurstyn E.

Allison Park, PA

$25-30/hr1 yrs exp

Background Check

I just completed my 4th year of teaching special education. I'm heading back to school for my masters in applied behavior analysis. I'll be working full time as a registered behavior technician. Looking to tutor or babysit part time! I've tutored in algebra 1, 4th grade math, and reading!
Ainesh C.'s Photo

Ainesh C.

Rockville, MD

$25-150/hr1 yrs exp

Fun And Patient Tutor

Background Check

I am a sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park dual degree-ing in Computer Science [Machine Learning] and Mathematics [Theoretical], and am in University Honors. I had a 4. 73 wGPA in high school with an SAT superscore of 790 English & 780 Math/1600. I am a National Merit Scholarship awardee. I have 1 year of...
Sarah M.'s Photo

Sarah M.

Salt Lake City, UT

$19-37/hr5 yrs exp

Background Check

I have a masters degree in education, with emphases in special education and behavior analysis. I also have a bachelors degree in child development. I am currently finishing my BCBA credential (board certified behavior analyst). I have extensive experience in autism, deafblind ness, learning disabilities, and other special...
Mason T.'s Photo

Mason T.

Jacksonville, FL

$20-30/hr3 yrs exp

Chemical Engineer With Biomedical Specialization, Tutor

Background Check

I have 3+ years of advanced research and process analysis experience. I can help with Math and Science. I will try to explain fundamentals and teach the tricks that engineers use to make math and science a little easier. I'll do my best to make it an enjoyable experience and I am happy to spend as much time as is needed...

Background Check

My background is mainly in education and special needs therapy. I've worked as a tutor, caregiver, sitter, art teacher, and behavior interventionist for special needs kids as well. I've tutored in reading and math in person and online for grades K-8. I have taught English to international students online. I have taught with...
Renee H.'s Photo

Renee H.

La Mirada, CA

$25-80/hr5 yrs exp

Experienced PreK-8th Grade Language Arts And Math Tutor



Background Check

I tutor children Pre-K - 8th grade in language arts, math, science, study skills, homework help, homeschool, and online/distance learning. Language Arts include: -Phonics -Reading, reading comprehension & analysis -Grammar -Writing (printing/cursive), sentence structure, 1-5 paragraph essay -Spelling Math...

Recent reviews:

Renee was a great tutor for our 5-year old daughter who was struggling with reading. She was patient and listened to her. She would work on the vowel sounds and have her read short stories. Not only did my...

Reviewed by Alisha C.

Chloe B.'s Photo

Chloe B.

Tampa, FL

$18-26/hr2 yrs exp

Helpful Tutor And Babysitter



Background Check

I am a fun and helpful tutor that is currently studying computer science at USF. I have graduated with my International Baccalaureate diploma in high school, and I have a thorough understanding of Maths (algebra through calculus 2), English(literary analysis, writing, etc.), and programming(I am proficient in Python)! I have a...

Recent review:

Chloe is fantastic ! I needed someone to help my son follow his 2nd grade curriculum . She covered all his subjects . Not only was she so sweet, she was also very patient with him ! He had so much fun with her...

Reviewed by Christine G.

Maeve G.'s Photo

Maeve G.

Cleveland, OH

$20-30/hr1 yrs exp

Part-time Tutor, Various Ages

Background Check

I have tutored in English, writing, and reading. I'm happy to help with English grammar, spelling, reading comprehension and analysis, critical thinking, scientific/research and creative writing and more, ranging from preschool alphabet basics all the way up to high school test prep. I can also help with science and math but I...

Background Check

Hey! I'm Layney and I love anything creative! I can help with English and history, as well as visual art, art history, media analysis, etc! I can help with sciences such as biology and anatomy as well as simple math. I am currently at NCSU, and am good with time management and organization. I took up to French III in high...
Amanda T.'s Photo

Amanda T.

Myerstown, PA

$20-35/hr4 yrs exp

Experienced Tutor

Background Check

I am graduating from Arcadia University with 2 degrees, One in Business Administration & Economics and one in Finance with a minor in Pre-Law. All the finance includes a lot of math and I have passed all the way through college Calculus and Statistics as well as Advanced Financial Analysis. I currently tutor a younger student...



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