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ABC Young 'N Special Preschool

1824 Jamison Ct., New York, NY

Costimate: $217/wk

*This is a school and not a daycare. If you need full time care there is a daycare just down the street from me. I would be willing to take your child to it after preschool.
*A preschool for children ages 18 months (if ready) and older. (I will take children in diapers) Located behind Cinemark Theater on Harmony and Timberline. It's worth the trip if you are not in this location. I've had people that have traveled from Loveland, North Fort Collins, Severance, and Windsor to bring their children to my preschool.
*Openings for 4 hour sessions running from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. A child may attend one to five days, depending on openings. I will take children as young as 18 months of age, if they are ready. I keep my rates low. Preschool is held year around. (Summer optional) I will hold their position for the fall session.
*I only take 8 children per session so the children have more one on one attention. I have never had a report against me which according to Social Services is very rare.
*I have a large outdoor play area with three extra large wooden play structures and four Little Tikes and Fisher Price play structures. The preschool is located in a full basement providing a large play area with toys galore and play equipment, which includes a big wooden play house and a large built in ball pit.
*The curriculum includes: math, science, art, music, language, history and lots of large/fine motor and tactile experiences all taught at the child's level and in a fun way. Many of the activities center on the letters, numbers, shapes, colors, community workers, famous people in history, and monthly themes we are learning about.
*A session consists of: center time, (children play with toys in different centers such as science center, math, manipulative's, etc.) circle time, (calendar, weather charting, SIGN LANGUAGE, review of letters, numbers, shapes & colors we've been learning about) snack time, preschool lesson (a lesson and/or stations) & then outdoor time or tumbling time.
*Most children, by time they move on to kindergarten, have learned between 500-800 sign language vocabulary words, many advanced colors and shapes, they are counting by 2's, 5's & 10's, they know basic fractions, how to tell time, money recognition and the value of each coin, and are reading 3 to 7 letter words.
*I have experience in both home and center based preschools/daycares. I have 28 credit hours of college training and hundreds of hours of other child care training including
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