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Parenting is tough. Get help from experts and parents who have been in your shoes.

18 fun behavior charts for motivating kids

When parents set out to use a behavior chart for kids, they have the best intentions. The goal, obviously, is to curtail inappropriate, frustrating or even aggressive behavior. However, even when behavior charts start off strong, they often wind up leaving everyone back where they started. According to Annelise Cunningham... more

How much can you make as a summer nanny?

Working as a summer nanny can be a dream job for a lucrative and fun season: Demand is high, the mood is light, and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities. Families with school-aged kids need help with child care and it’s a chance to be a hero not just... more

How much does a summer nanny cost?

School’s out for summer… but work isn’t! So you’re going to need help with child care. Finding just the right summer nanny for the job requires identifying someone qualified, reliable and with a personality that fits with your family — and creating a budget for the hire.  But how... more

Baby girl clothes are ridiculously sexualized, says annoyed dad in viral TikTok

A dad on TikTok is going viral for calling out sexism in children’s and baby clothes. After a fellow TikTok user asked dads of daughters to share the moment they realized the sexualization of women starts incredibly young, a dad named Michael Vaughn made a video detailing his all too... more

19 funny Mother's Day memes to bring on the laughs for mom’s special day

Forget the flowers, breakfasts in bed and candles, what moms really want this year is a list of funny Mother’s Day memes. (Actually, don’t forget the flowers, brekkies and candles — we’ll take those, too.) From a Mother’s Day meme that nails moms’ total lack of privacy to a tweet... more

LinkedIn adds 'stay-at-home mom' and other caregiver titles to recognize their hard work

The professional social networking site LinkedIn is taking new steps to recognize the labor of moms and other caregivers who’ve been forced out of work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning this week, LinkedIn users finally have the option of adding stay-at-home mom and other caregiver titles to their resumes. ... more

Who pays for respite care? What you need to know

It can be both emotionally and financially challenging to see a loved one’s health decline with age. You’ll likely have to ask difficult questions like when might it be time for a move into a long-term care facility? Or perhaps you’ll need to hire home care. But in many cases... more

Yes, US parents are among the most burned out in the whole world

It’s no secret that many parents are feeling burned out. Between the demands of work, school and home life, moms and dads can never seem to catch a break, but a new 42-country study suggests that parental burnout could be driven by more than just the demands of the daily... more