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20 funny end-of-school-year memes for every parent crawling toward the finish line 

Busier than ever as school winds down for summer? These end-of-school-year memes will keep you laughing through the chaos.

20 funny end-of-school-year memes for every parent crawling toward the finish line 

Parenting is almost always a tiring job, but there’s a phenomenon that happens each year from May through June that makes it even more so. I’m talking about the end of the school year. Getting through those last few weeks of packing lunches, cleaning out backpacks and attending a million and one special school events is enough to make even the most seasoned parents feel like their sanity is slipping. Luckily, every parent on the Internet can relate, and they have the memes to prove it.

Here are 19 hilarious end of school year memes that perfectly capture the good, bad and ugly parts of wrapping up the last month of school and preparing for summer vacation.

The 20 funniest end of school year memes

1. Petition for year-round school, anyone?

Image via TiredMomMemes/Facebook

Teachers, just know you are deeply appreciated.

2. When the school year is “winding down”

Image via simoncholland/Instagram

Field Day, class parties, graduations — employers should create a special PTO category just for the end of the school year.

3. Your kid’s backpack on the last day of school


All you parent’s know what I mean! (I will miss these years when gone.) #lastdayofprek endofschoolyearworkdump!😂 All jokes. #Reels #School #weloveourschoolstaff

♬ original sound – Ashley Marie

Anything your child has written, studied or thought at school will come home with them in their backpack on the last day.

4. Same song, different meaning

funny end of year memes
Image via JenniFerCryinOutLoud/Twitter

How can one song take on such a new meaning?

5. SignUp Genius be like…

end of school year memes
Image via the Mom TruthBomb/Twitter

Plant sale, art show, field day, chorus… should we continue?

6. The teachers have left the building

Image via unknown

Wait, can we talk about this? Let’s negotiate!

7. Lunch woes

Image via

Gone are the days of cute Bento boxes and heart-shaped sandwiches. End-of-school lunches get whatever is left in the pantry.

8. We’re all so done

Image via 4BoysMother_librarian/Instagram

Feeling “over it”? You are not alone.

9. Teachers really deserve a raise

Image via Real Houston Moms/Instagram

It’s about time we started paying teachers like movie stars and professional athletes.

10. You can do it! Maybe

Image via WhitneyFlemingWrites/Instagram

It’s good to have high expectations, unless it’s the end of the school year and your to-do list is three miles long.

11. It’s a real pain in the wallet

Image via MommyMemeJeans/Instagram

How does a week-long day camp cost as much as a new car? It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries.

12. The theme of the week is exhaustion

Image via wheretheeffismyhandbook/Instagram

We have spirit! Yes, we do! It’s just tired and feels a little bit broken right now.

13. Almost there

Image via W.O.worksheets/Instagram

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the last month of school.

14. On last day of school fashion

Image via TheKimBongiorno/Instagram

They have clothes on, so it counts. No one needs to know the clothes came straight from the hamper.

15. Summer plans? What summer plans?

Image via PaigeKellerman/Instagram

Between the last month-of-school activities and the end-of-year exhaustion, it’s totally OK if the only thing on your schedule is “survive.”

16. It’s the month that never ends

Image via EmilyKPennington/Instagram

Check on the parents and the teachers in your life. They’ve been trapped in a Twilight Zone known as the last month of school.

17. More snacks, more problems

Image via 39ishLife/Instagram

Listen, kids, we don’t have enough coupons for these shenanigans!

18. Consistency is key

Image via Six_Pack_Mom/Instagram

Remember, kids: You can accomplish anything if you try hard and believe in yourself.

19. The rules of summer

Image via JaneyP/Instagram

In the summertime, we all give up our usual parenting style and replace it with the “anything goes” methodology.

20. Let the countdown begin

Image via Mommy For Real/Facebook

Wine, gallons of coffee, snack times, Nerf gun darts to the head — however you measure, just know that it will all be over before you know it!