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Ghada Z.'s Photo

Ghada Z.|Dublin, CA

$45-45/hr 10 yrs exp 56 yrs old

Experienced Part Time Math Tutor

Responds within minutes
Ms. Ghada holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. She worked with undergraduate students out of the US for 8 years and at Las Positas College for 3 years . Now, She is working as a Math instructor at: 1) Mathnasium, The Math Learning Center, with students from 1st -12th grade since 2016. 2) Mathseed, after school Math learning center with 2nd-6th grades. 3) RISU USA, which provides Japanese Math and Critical Thinking lessons with covering the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for K-5th grade students. 4) AoPS academy. Her main goal is to make kids enjoy learning Math, and ultimately, help them excel the material. She is an enthusiastic, patient and dedicated teacher who likes to convey her knowledge to all children. She is an extremely affable, outgoing type of person who has a unique way to work with students and likes to watch their improvements day after day. She speaks English and Arabic. Her rate is $45/hr.
Reviewed by Cathy A. 5/5 stars
My triplets have been seeing Ghada since 2016 for help with math. At that time, they were in 5th grade. She helped them to better understand how to do math by explaining each problem. She will make them go back and correct until they get it. I am so happy I did not chose one of those math places because they get individual attention with Ghada, not just loads of math worksheets to complete over and over. They get As on their test, quizzes and homework. Ghada is patient and attentive at the same time. Ghada won't let you or your child down.
Mariamu O.'s Photo

Mariamu O.|Inglewood, CA

$50-75/hr 7 yrs exp 27 yrs old

STEM Tutor (Science, Technology, Math, Engineering)

Responds within a few days
My name is Mariamu and I am a math and science tutor. Concluding my academic education with a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience from UCLA, I have 7 years of experience tutoring middle school, high school, and college-level math and science courses. Additionally, I have experience working with Special Education students (dyslexia, autism, ADHD, etc. ). Some courses available for tutoring: Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2/Trigonometry Chemistry Biology Physics ... and others Some locations I have serviced are: Elk Grove, CA Sacramento, CA San Francisco, CA San Jose, CA Bakerfield, CA Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA Houston, TX Dallas, TX San Antonio, TX Phoenix, AZ Chicago, IL Philadelphia, PA New York City, NY ... and others
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Reviewed by Lisa Z. 5/5 stars
I hired Mariamu to help tutor my son G. for his college Biology class. When Mariamu started with G., he was failing the class. She not only tutored him, but she mentored him as well. She helped boost his confidence and helped him with actual study skills above and beyond just working on Biology. He loved working with her and she was so kind to him but also firm which is just what he needed. She got to know him and what style would work for him. I can't say enough about what a great tutor and a great person she is. If he needs help again in the future I would not hesitate one bit to hire her again. Griffin ended up passing the class with a solid "C" which is amazing considering she started helping him almost halfway through the semester.
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Hiring a private math tutor can be exactly what your child needs to get ahead in those math grades. Compare tutors by the specific math subjects they teach, their education, and tutoring experience. Read reviews from other students or families and find the right match for your needs.

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FAQs for finding a math tutor

How much does a math tutor cost?
The national average rate on for hiring math tutors as of February, 2021 is $18.50 per hour. The cost may vary depending on your location, the tutor's years of experience, level of education, and the student's individual needs. The rate that you'll pay your tutor will also vary if you chose a one-on-one private math tutor lesson or if they have multiple students sharing the same session.
How do I know if my child needs a math tutor?
Your child may benefit from having a math tutor if you notice that he or she is having difficulty with numbers, gets constantly frustrated with math homework, or when grades start falling behind. In some cases, getting a few one-on-one sessions with a math tutor can help your child to regain confidence and get back on track.
What questions should I ask a math tutor during an interview?
The goal for hiring a math tutor for your child will be to improve their grades. Ask questions about the process each tutor uses to help kids they've worked with in the past. Also ask each if they are familiar with your schools' curriculum. Finally, see how long they are willing to commit to helping your child with their math assignments. Your child may get back on track after a couple of sessions or may need long-term help that could require a math tutor staying with them the entire school year.