Super Bowl NFL Team Answers

Evan Didisheim
Jan. 31, 2012

Want a fun, and kid-friendly, challenge during this year's Super Bowl? These are the answers to our NFL Team Challenge. Click here to go to the game and try your luck.

Clue Answer
Captain Jack Sparrow and his Swashbucklers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Fast Birds of Prey Atlanta Falcons
Big Cat of the Amazon Jacksonville Jaguars
Edgar Allen Poe's Famous Poem Baltimore Ravens
Leaders of Tribes Kansas City Chiefs
Axe-bearing Warriors & Capital One Spokesmen Minnesota Vikings
The Effects of a Bad Sunburn Washington Redskins
Lonestar State Residents Houston Texans
Opposite of Bluebird Arizona Cardinals
Flipper and Friends Miami Dolphins
Midnight Snackers Oakland Raiders
Muddy jeans' color Cleveland Browns
Creatures of Greek Mythology Tennessee Titans
Paul Revere and Sam Adams New England Patriots
Jolly Green and Hagrid is half-one New York Giants
Keeps Your Electronics Running San Diego Chargers
Moving Buddies Green Bay Packers
Kings of the Jungle Detroit Lions
Thieves Pittsburgh Steelers
747's; Sign of Wealth New York Jets
Wild Bucking Horses Denver Broncos
Gold Rushers San Francisco 49ers
Polar, Grizzly, Yogi and Fozzie Chicago Bears
Young Male Horses Indianapolis Colts
National Symbol Philadelphia Eagles
Astrological Sign Aries Symbol St. Louis Rams
I.O.U's Buffalo Bills
Rough Riders of the Wild West; Woody from Toy Story Dallas Cowboys
Bad Luck if you Cross One Carolina Panthers
Ospreys who love Starbucks Seattle Seahawks
Siberian Tiger's Cousin Cincinnati Bengals
Oh When They Go Marching In New Orleans Saints

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