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Ohio Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in Ohio.


Learning your loved one has a terminal illness can be overwhelming. Most people try to avoid confronting this sobering reality and do not engage in discussions about end of life care, but doing so can provide your loved one with control over end-of-life choices.


Hospice prioritizes quality over quantity of life by offering pain management, emotional support, and decision-making power. The senior, their family, and a team of specialists will collaborate to create a 24-hour palliative care plan-meaning treatment to relieve symptoms not cure the disease-which may be given in a home, nursing home, or hospice facility. In this way, hospice makes sure the end of life is as comfortable as possible. The individual chooses what type of care they wish to receive, who administers that care, and where they would like to receive it. By preserving the senior's autonomy in their final days, hospice ensures there is dignity in dying. For more information or to find a provider, visit the Midwest Care Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing excellence in hospice Care in Ohio. For help dealing with end of life, visit the Grief Recovery Center of Ohio.

Regional Hospice Resources
Hospice of Northwest Ohio
Hospice of the Western Reserve
Hospice of Central Ohio

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