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Maryland Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice resources you can access in Maryland.

Maryland - Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Typically, families will choose of Hospice Care for a loved one if no treatment or "cure" can further help them and they have been given a life-limiting diagnosis by their doctors. The main focus of hospice is pain treatment and comfort. Hospice care can take place in an individual's home, in a hospital, or in a nursing home facility, and allows individuals access to care and counseling when they wish for it. Essentially, hospice care helps keep your elderly loved comfortable physically and mentally as they near death; this is often the most positive option for end-of-life care.

Maryland Hospice Resources

Hospice Network of Maryland: A non-profit organization that promotes quality end-of-life care in the state of Maryland.

HospiceNet: Resources for those who may be in need of hospice care.

Cancer.org Hospice Information: Educational information regarding the hospice care search and more.

More Resources  

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