Ideas for Birth Announcement Wording

July 29, 2015

Sending announcements heralds your baby's arrival. Here are 8 inspiring ideas if you're in need of some help with the wording!

Start spreading the news! Your baby's arrival is definitely worth broadcasting. Putting together a special mailing is the next step, complete with detailed birth announcement wording. Whether you choose a more traditional style or a modern missive, birth announcements can be written in many ways. "Sharing your excitement tells loved ones about your baby, and the card can later be a keepsake for her baby book or put on display in the nursery," says Kara Cochran, the owner of Dean Works Studio, a custom card design company.

Most baby announcements include details like name, birth date, weight and length. "Use her first and middle names so family and friends feel properly introduced, the day she arrived and her size, as people want to hear how big the baby is and they love to compare," explains Danielle Vangress, a spokesperson for Pear Tree Greetings. You might also want to add a photo of your sweetie, so think about whether a color or a black and white shot will look best.

To get you started, here are eight great suggestions to consider for your baby's birth announcement wording:

  1. Go Short and Sweet
    Punkin' Butt Photography has short and sweet examples on display. The phrase "Welcomed with love" is a nice touch, along with the adorable knitted football cap on the baby boy.
  2. Use a Classic Line
    Classic wording might include the phrase "We are proud to announce the arrival of ..." as seen on these stark black-and-white options on Grey Likes Baby.
  3. Have Them at Hello
    Why mince words when a simple greeting is all it takes? Obviously your baby has been born, so get right to the good parts, including her name and sweet face. On Mixbook's blog, the first two options use just the word "Hello."
  4. Take Time to Celebrate -- Everything!
    If a big holiday is approaching, consider combining your announcement with seasonal greetings by pinning the holiday theme to your birth news, as seen on Urban Grace.
  5. Lighten Things Up
    Knotty Strings takes a humorous approach, offering "the skinny" on the new bundle as well as a little humor concerning skinny jeans! If your family has a favorite pun or joke (about your last name, for example) that gets tossed around at family gatherings, you might like to include it in your announcement.
  6. Share Your Story
    Your birth announcement will be unique to you and your family, just like every birth is an exciting story you'll share with your family and friends for years. Check out the stories presented in the birth announcements shared at Wyatt's Playtime Adventures and use them as a guide to tell your own story.
  7. Get Siblings in on the Act
    If this is your second baby, consider involving the big bro or sis, as shown on You Are Just My Cup of Tea. One favorite -- "My little sister is here (and she's very loud)."
  8. Do Double-Duty
    Moments to Memories acknowledges it takes a village to bring a baby into the world. This card doubles as a thank-you, although you will probably want to include an additional personal note to thank friends and family members for a specific shower or baby gift!

No matter what language you choose, your baby's birth announcement will be joyful snail mail for your family and friends to receive. Don't forget to order extras for keepsakes and one for your baby book, too!

Jennifer Kelly Geddes is a New York-based writer and editor who specializes in parenting, health and child development. She's a frequent contributor to and the mom of two teen girls.

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