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Need some craft inspiration? Here are 52 craft ideas to do with your kids.

Looking for new ways to add some creativity to your child's life? Consider incorporating craft ideas for kids into your weekly routine. Help your little ones use their imaginations and create some artsy goodness. Crafting can take children away from the ever-present screens, but what parents might not realize are all the other benefits that come with crafting.

"I think the most important benefit is helping your child build their creative intuition," says Doa Bumgarner, a writer, artist, mama and creator of Nurtured Mama. "Even if they don't become an artist in any formal way, having experience with creative pursuits will give them a way of thinking and problem-solving that will help them stand out and succeed in any field."

You can also strengthen your relationship with your child thanks to crafting. "Lots of bonding [happens]," says Angie Ramirez, the blogger behind Little Inspiration. "I love when my girl helps and love hearing her say she loves crafting with me."

Ready to get started, but not sure how? Ease into it and don't be afraid to start slow or with prepackaged kits. "Kits are great, and there are so many great ones out there. I love Kiwi Crate, which always includes everything you need for a project and have great instructions," says Bumgarner. "Also, don't discount simple coloring books and crayons or washable pens. They are portable, easy, fun and the mess factor is really low."

Check out these craft ideas for kids and parents alike. There are 52 ideas -- one for each week of a year -- to get your family crafting and connecting more:

  1. Tin Can Windsocks. Recycle your way to windsocks.
  2. Paper Plate Fish. A simple craft for your fish lovers.
  3. Wooden Gnomes. Craft your way to a magical place filled with gnomes.
  4. Modern Art Stamping. Using household supplies, make modern art stamps.
  5. Coffee Filter Garland. Pretty up your space with this coffee filter craft.
  6. Bug Magnets. Convert bottle caps into creepy, crawly magnets.
  7. Clothespin Butterfly. No matter your child's age, this craft is sure to please.
  8. Peanut Butter Bird Feeder. Combine nature and crafting.
  9. Crayon Art. This project takes crayons to a whole new level.
  10. Nutshell Boats. Once you've made these cute boats, why not have a little race?
  11. Glove Monsters. Give some old gloves a whole new life.
  12. Japanese Flying Carp. A beautiful craft your child will love to hang in a special space.
  13. Washer Wind Chimes. Painted chimes will add color to your outdoor space.
  14. Weaving Loom. Make your own looms and weave away.
  15. Owls. Turn extra toilet paper rolls into something adorable.
  16. Paper Kite. Whip up this kite for a windy day.
  17. Balloon Bowl. Make a cool bowl with a balloon and some beads.
  18. Sand Painting. You only need glue, paint and sand for this painting project.
  19. Snow Globe. Create unique, personalized globes with your kids.
  20. Glue Painting. Use glue and food coloring to make art.
  21. Wind Chimes. Add some music to your backyard with these chimes.
  22. Bubble Painting. Straws and paint equal hours of bubbly fun.
  23. Tissue Paper Flowers. What kid doesn't love big, bright paper flowers?
  24. Painted Pasta Necklaces. Paint your way to a lovely accessory.
  25. Friendship Bracelets. Follow this east tutorial for a wrist full of bracelets.
  26. Chalk Spray Paint. A great outside craft.
  27. Homemade Moon Sand. No need to buy it -- make your own.
  28. Melted Bead Suncatchers. Transform a bowl of beads into a lovely suncatcher.
  29. Monster Boxes. Make monster mailboxes to collect notes from their friends and family.
  30. Popsicle Bracelet Cuffs. Who knew you could turn a Popsicle stick into a cuff bracelet?
  31. Soda Straw Weaving. This quick and easy craft can be done anywhere.
  32. Sandpaper Printed T-Shirt. Your child will be thrilled to show off their crafty work with this T-shirt craft.
  33. Magic Wands. Bring out your child's inner magician with this craft.
  34. Marbled Milk Paper. Unleash your child's inner Picasso with this artsy activity.
  35. Hairy Spring Gardening Craft. Science-based, grass-growing craft
  36. Bird Feeder. Make friends with the birdies in your yard.
  37. Clothespin Airplane. Soar into fun with this project.
  38. Pipe Cleaner Puppets. Put on a show with these finger puppets.
  39. Egg Carton Jellyfish. Go under the sea with these magical jellyfish.
  40. Yarn Vase. Some yarn and a recycled bottle can make a vase.
  41. Animal Envelopes. Use this finished craft to send a letter to Granny.
  42. Crowns and Animal Masks. Foster hours of make believe with this craft.
  43. Animal Bookmarks. Ideal for the bookworms out there.
  44. Rainbow Bunting. Explore the colors of the rainbow.
  45. Hand Print Flower. Make a flower by tracing your hand.
  46. Pom-Pom Spiders. An itsy, bitsy spider your kids will love.
  47. Paint-Filled Eggs. Get messy and toss some paint.
  48. Pan Flutes. Turn drinking straws into music makers.
  49. Window Art. Create suncatchers with the help of glue and food coloring.
  50. Light-up Fireflies. A flameless candle can turn a plastic egg into a firefly.
  51. Bottle Rocket. Your little astronaut will love to play with her very own rocket ship.
  52. Caterpillar Clothespin Magnet. Transform clothespins into caterpillars.

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Kimberly DeMucha Kalil is a freelance journalist and software consultant living in Southern Arizona with her husband and two children. Most days you can find her on Twitter @kimbely_kalil sharing some of the crafty goodness she and her children create.

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