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Mom's Favorite Baby Milestones From the First Year

Sandy Wallace
June 8, 2017

From smiling and waving to rolling over, sitting up and standing, your little one will reach many baby milestones before his first birthday. Here are some of these moms' favorite milestones!


Ever since your baby was born, you've looked forward to watching him reach key baby milestones -- the assorted firsts that mark the progress of your baby's development. Here's what you can expect as your baby grows from a helpless newborn to a crawling champ, along with some memories of a few moms' favorite moments from their little ones' first years.

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Newborn to 6-Month Milestones

There's a lot to learn about your newborn bundle of joy -- and he has a lot to learn, too! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) notes that from birth to 3 months, your little one starts to learn social skills he'll use for his whole life, like smiling. And watching your baby form strong attachments to those who love him is priceless. Child development expert Leslie Hoglund of Physicians for Peace says, "My favorite first-year milestone with baby number five has been his ability to relate to his siblings, engage in play with them and learn what's funny. Watching his four older siblings has helped him reach social milestones quickly."

Sometimes, seeing your baby achieve milestones helps you realize all the excitement world holds for your child. Kristy Omelianuk, a mommy blogger at Onto Motherhood, recounts, "Maybe it is because our family is food-obsessed, but one of my favorite memories of my child's first year was when she started solids at 6 months. We followed a weaning program, and her first foods were pureed squash and banana. One of the reasons it's my favorite milestone is because the world and her experiences with it became so much bigger and richer that day. It marked a new mom milestone too -- a time when I'd done the research, decided that method of introducing solids was best for my child and our family and went for it."

6- to 12-Month Milestones

Learning to stand and starting to talk are among the life-changing baby milestones your little one reaches in his second six months, notes the AAP. Susan Heim, parenting author at Susan Heim on Parenting, shares, "One day I turned around expecting to see my 9-month-old baby boy crawling on the ground. Instead, I saw a little boy standing in his place! It was the first time he had pulled himself up to his feet all by himself, and I hardly recognized the child in front of me. It was as if, overnight, he had left babyhood behind. I will never forget the surprise and awe I felt that day."

Teacher, school counselor and children's book author Julia Cook shares the memory of her son's first word: "When my son was 11 months old, my husband walked in the door from working out in the yard. When my son saw his daddy, he scream-babbled, 'Dada,' smiled and got so excited that he bucked his head back and gave me a huge black eye. I looked like I'd been in a bar fight! ... I was so happy that my son had formed such a strong bond to his daddy. It was worth having a Rocky Balboa face for a few weeks. 'Dada' was his first word -- even though he spent most of his time with me."

Some babies even learn to walk before the one-year mark. Mommy blogger and birth doula Bailey Gaddis shares, "It was a week before his first birthday when my son began to walk -- and he was running by that evening! Yay and yikes!" Walking opens new doors for your little one. Hoglund says walking is her favorite baby milestone "because of the confidence, strength and persistence it takes to learn how to do it."

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Sandy Wallace enjoys family life and sharing tips to help parents find joy in daily life and make memories with their family.

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