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This Is How Much Senior Care Costs In 2019

As Baby Boomers move into their golden years, their adult-aged children are feeling the financial and emotional strain of caring for them, according to the Care.com 2019 Cost of Senior Care survey. The first annual survey, compiled with insights from more than 7,500 family caregivers nationwide, showed how... more

How Caregivers Can — And Should — Earn A Living Wage

As a professional caregiver, whether you care for children or help a senior, you do critical work. Many of you even complete trainings and obtain professional certifications in order to excel at your job. Yet many families, and society as a whole, don’t reward caregivers as a high-value profession —... more

Living Wage Vs. Minimum Wage: What Caregivers Need To Know

Experts generally agree that minimum wages are too low for Americans to make ends meet. However, many caregivers, whether you work with children or seniors, are paid minimum wage or less. A 2012 report by the National Domestic Workers Alliance found that nearly half of domestic workers are paid an... more

5 Warning Signs Your Kid Is Overscheduled

Scheduling your child in extracurricular activities, such as sports, music lessons or art classes, has numerous benefits, such as helping them develop new skills, interests and time management abilities. It also looks great on college applications. But too much of it can have harmful effects. With the rise of helicopter... more

Nanny Share Contracts: How To Structure Pay, Time Off And More

If you thought having a contract for a nannying job was important, having a contract for a nanny share is that much more critical. “With a nanny share, you’re talking about working with two different families with two different sets of expectations sometimes,” says Marcia Hall, a nanny based... more

5 Expert Tips For First-Day Success As A Senior Caregiver

It’s normal to have first-day-on-the-job jitters. For in-home senior caregivers, especially, it’s not like you’re entering a predictable office environment. You’re essentially going into the home of a stranger, where all sorts of unknowns could unravel. Showing up in someone’s personal space and being unsure of what you’re walking into... more