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Why Do Female Cats Spray?

Do female cats spray and how can you keep your cat from spraying? Is spraying a medical issue or a behavioral issue? Reduce your cat's anxiety and provide environmental stimulation and she'll be less likely to spray. Do female cats spray? "It's a myth that females don... more

Create A Dog Agility Obstacle Course At Home

Dog agility training is a great way to bond with your four-legged friend. Save money by creating your own dog agility course at home using these tips.Dog agility training is a great way to bond with your pup and have some fun while teaching him some fantastic tricks. Practice... more

All About Dogs: 101 Fun Facts

Your dog is your best friend but there's a lot you might not know about him! Whether your dog is young or old, these fun facts about dogs will give you 101 new reasons to love your furry friend: Puppies love games such as hide and seek! Hide, then... more

75 Genius Parenting Hacks To Make Life Easier

Move your parenting game up a notch! These 75 hacks will help free up your time for the more important things -- like taking it easy!Parenting is the toughest job you'll ever love. Parenting hacks can help you get that job done quicker and easier.These 75 parenting hacks... more

18 Airplane Games For Kids

Entertaining your family on flights is easy with airplane games for kids. From takeoff to landing, time will fly by as you play together.     Not taking a travel nanny on your next vacation? Not to worry. Airplane games for kids help keep your little one occupied -- and you... more

12 Tips For Successful Single Parenting

Don't involve your little one in grown-up problems -- and other words to live by!Single parenting can be challenging and at times, overwhelming. In addition to dealing with your own emotions, you need to stay focused on what's best for your child. You may be solo parenting by... more

10 Great Tips For Flying With A Baby

These 10 tips will help you prepare for your baby's first flight!Are you worried about your baby's first plane ride? Whether you're visiting relatives or taking the vacation of a lifetime, planning ahead is the key when flying with a baby.Here are some tips to... more

A Family Packing Checklist To Simplify Your Move

Planning is key when there's a move in your future. A packing checklist keeps the whole family on the same page from start to finish.When you're gearing up for a big move, you've got a lot to keep track of. A family packing checklist helps you... more