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Experienced Tutor Needed For Adult Learner With Disability

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 11/04 Chicago, IL
Seeking long-term tutor that knows the tests for equivalency test to work with a 39-year-old on subjects that include Language Arts Writing, Math, Science, and Constitution over starting early November 2019 and until June 2020. Learner has memory loss issues from traumatic brain injury. Looking for 6-8 hours of tutoring per week within home setting in the Bronzville area.

Spanish Language Tutor With Childcare

Part Time $19 – 22/hr Starts 10/18 Rancho Cordova, CA
Seeking a Spanish language speaking nanny/tutor for my 6-year-old son. I would need him to be talked to exclusively in the Spanish language. He has a high-basic understanding of the Spanish language, the goal is getting him to speak it back. The ideal nanny would make learning Spanish fun & engaging and would bring Spanish activities/games/crafts when they come. I would need care for him Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays from 12:15 p.m. until 6 p.m. (12:15-4:30 p.m. on Wed). I'll need this care until June 30, 2020.

Tutor/Homework Help

Part Time $10 – 35/hr Starts 10/21 Philadelphia, PA
I am looking for a female tutor and homework help for my son in ELA and occasional math. He is currently a 6th grader with an IEP. His current reading level is 3rd-4th grade level. My main focus is reading and writing. I'm looking for someone who specialized in learning disabilities, specifically (dyslexia), special education, reading specialist. I'm looking for someone dedicated to helping us reach his goal of 6th grade level. Looking for in home or in a center. I'm also looking into the possibility of summer session.

Seeking Homework Tutor For 4th Grader In Woodland Hills

Part Time $20 – 26/hr Starts 11/11 Woodland Hills, CA
Woodland Hills family looking for a part-time tutor in the afternoons for 9-year-old son, who is in 4th grade. Tutoring will cover homework; subjects include mostly English and math. Our preference is to hire a tutor with experience in the school system, common core standards, and working with elementary-aged kids. Must have a college degree and relevant tutoring or teaching experience. We're looking to keep this schedule through the end of the academic school year. When summer comes, the schedule will change, but we will still would want at least a few hours of tutoring a week. In your application, please make sure to address your availability for the specified days/hours and experience in tutoring.

Seeking Tutor To Raise Score From 151 To 165+

Part Time $30 – 50/hr Starts 11/01 Pittsburgh, PA
(Bears mentioning, I'm an adult.) I took the test in June after studying only through Academy for ~6 months. First practice test score was 158 but the more I studied, my test scores gradually decreased. Final score was a disappointing 151. I know I can get at 165 or higher; I just need someone tough to hold me accountable. Weaknesses: reading too slow / not comprehending the implications of passages; second-guessing on answer choices. I'm looking for a tutor who knows how to effectively convey principles to a socially-conscious, left-brained creative. Some of these tutoring companies' rates are gross barriers to entry, especially after paying for a test already. It's just me supporting me but I appreciate a tutor's education & time so want to pay as fair a rate as I can afford.

Looking For A English, Math, Sports & Fitness Tutor In Salt Lake City For 8 Year Old Child.

Part Time $10 – 18/hr Starts 11/07 Salt Lake City, UT
I need a part-time tutor for English, Math, Sports & Fitness. I need help tutoring my son, he is 8 years old and is falling far behind his class in reading writing and math. He is a very respectful and intelligent boy, both fun and loving but also energetic and difficult to keep on task. I am looking for someone through Christmas but if there is significant improvement this could be all school year and possibly in through summer.

Looking For A Foreign Language Tutor In Chicago

Part Time $15 – 30/hr Starts 10/16 Chicago, IL
I'm looking for a Korean language tutor for my 14-year-old daughter, she's already bilingual and perfectly fluent in both Spanish and English so it won't be that difficult for her to learn Korean. Although my daughter wants to learn Korean it would be a plus if you also know Spanish at the same time simply because sometimes translations are easier to understand in Spanish than in English and vice versa. This is not a requirement however it would raise chances of getting hired, although being a native speaker in Korean is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to me so don't worry so much if you don't speak Spanish. Although the schedule says that the start day is August 9 2019; that's actually not true, I only put that because I haven't picked out a tutor and because any start day is fine.

Looking For An English Tutor

Part Time $12 – 40/hr Starts 10/09 Torrance, CA
I am looking for someone to play with my son, 4-year-old. We just moved to the US this June. We don't speak English at home. Hope you can play with him then he can understand some basic English vocabulary and conversation.

Teachers Aide

Part Time $20 – 50/hr Starts 10/14 Boston, MA
Hello! We are looking for a teachers aide to work in the mornings, in the classroom, with our 8-year-old son. Our son is currently enrolled in 2nd grade at a private school in Boston. This summer he was diagnosed w some minor learning disabilities which make it tough for him to stay on track in school, especially with math and writing. Having said that- our son is a sweet, gentle, funny and imaginative boy who loves school. Ideally we would love to find a young, energetic aide who is either ABA trained, or at least has some college training in special education. You would be working entirely in the classroom with 3 other teachers, but u would be employed by us, not the school. Hours would be from 8:15 to roughly noon each school day (with some slight variation). We look forward to meeting you!

Educator In Elementary Education Special Education/certified In The State Of Maryland

Part Time $11 – 15/hr Starts 10/04 Owings Mills, MD
I am looking for a scribe to assist me with completing college writing assignments. The candidate needs to have strong communication skills, good time management, and be detail oriented. A background in special education, Master of English Psychology with 3 years experience, disability services, family studies, or a High School Teacher with experience. Duties include note taking, transcription, and assisting with editing and revisions. Pay for this position is $15 per hour and provided through a grant. In order to qualify the candidate must have a degree or certification in one of the following fields: education, special education. Must have three years teaching experience within The state of Maryland days and times could be arranged meeting twice a week from Friday, October 4 through August 2020
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