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Dog Trainer Needed ASAP!

Part Time $11 – 28/hr Starts 11/14 Irvine, CA
Hi All, I recently adopted a dog from a shelter she is a Siberian husky mix and she is 2 years old. She is very well behaved over all and is the sweetest and friendliest dog. However, the main problem I am having with her is that she refuses to go to the bathroom outside EVER. I have tried every trick in the book including catching her in the act and taking her outside to finish. I spend about four hours a day outside with her total and she will not pee or poop outside she will hold it almost all day. I know this is not healthy for her and it is also frustrating for me. She could also use some leash training and some basic obedience training as well. The sooner you can start the better. The days/times are flexible.

Trainer Needed For 2 Dogs In Rogers

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/21 Rogers, AR
I have two American Eskimo dogs, which is a very active breed. I love my dogs but am terrible with training. Both are rescues. The main issue is leash walking. They love walks but pulling on a leash and barking are issues. Marty in particular barks and lunges at fast moving objects such as bikers and joggers. Both dogs mark every few feet. Not sure much can be done about that but I would like walk time to be more pleasant. Also, Marty jumps and barks at people when they come over. I have failed at stopping the behaviour. Any help would be appreciated.

Trainer Needed For 1 Dog In North Las Vegas

Full Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/22 North Las Vegas, NV
We need a trainer to take care of a German Shepard. She is smart and already knows the basics such as: sit, stay, come, lay down, and she is crate trained. The behavior we need corrected is her jumping over our wall, digging, and breaking out of her crate. She has anxiety, so when she doesn't get enough exercise she behaves this way. We do not know what kind of training this entails, so if you think you can help us, please contact me.

Looking For A Trainer For A Food And Toy Aggressive Female Catahoula

Part Time $50 – 50/hr Starts 10/18 Blairstown, MO
Looking for a trainer to help us with our food and toy aggressive catahoula. She's fine playing with our other dog, as long as he doesn't go near her toys. She's also EXTREMELY aggressive with one of our cats. If he even looks at her, she attacks him. We don't want to have to find her a new home, we do love her and want to take the proper steps to getting her properly trained.

A Person Not Filled With Greed. More Like A Family Member; Who's Kind, Caring, And Loving. Trainer

Full Time $8 – 13/hr Starts 10/02 Harrisburg, PA
I'm looking for a great trainer for 1 dog, 1 other pet. Schedule Details: It's not about my schedule but about my dog. On one of the questions about my dog duties; on one of the choices/quest it had only one choice to choose from. I would also like training and grooming. Especially training!

Sitter Needed For 2 Dogs In Jefferson

One Time $15 – 25/hr Starts 10/29 Jefferson, GA
Jefferson family needs a sitter for 2 dogs. Must love animals! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. Be able to handle 2 strong dogs-both are fun, young, loving pit bull. One is trained with an e-collar. Need someone to stay at our home for 3 hours while family is at the hospital. Ideal person will need to play, feed and walk the dogs for potty breaks. No long walks needed-just stay in our yard.

Boarding Needed For 1 Dog Near Arvada

One Time $15 – 25/hr Starts 11/08 Arvada, CO
Seeking an experienced boarder for Oreo, my 11-year-old, 17lb boston terrier/pug mix, from 11/8/19 to 11/12/19. Boarder must be willing to meet and greet with us prior to drop off. Boarder must be able to administer meds and provide a quiet, cat-and-child-free environment. Oreo has lost an eye to Glaucoma and cannot be in an environment where damage to his remaining eye could threaten total blindness. With glaucoma, even a cat scratch can elevate pressures and ruin the eye. Oreo sleeps a lot but loves to play and go for walks. He is very sweet and easy to take care of aside from being hard of hearing and a tad clingy. Oreo is crate and bell trained but should not be crated more than five hours at a time to prevent accidents.

Runner, Athletic Walker

Full Time $9 – 14/hr Starts 11/04 North Las Vegas, NV
I'm looking for a great walker for 1 dog. Play / Exercise: Jade (our dog) needs to RUN, everyday. I am open to interviewing trainers as well. Jade has anxiety, so she digs and breaks out of her crate. She is a German Shepard.

Seeking A Reliable Dog Sitter

Full Time $10 – 30/hr Starts 10/21 Key West, FL
Hi there, I am seeking a sitter to watch my 3-year-old, mixed breed rescue dog while I'm at work, due to his separation anxiety. He cannot he left alone while we are undergoing training so I need someone who is home during the day to stay with him. I would prefer to bring him to the sitter as I have another dog and cat in my own home but I am open to them coming to me if need be. My schedule varies day to day and I go to work anywhere between 8am-11 a.m. and get home between 5-8 p.m.

Sitter Needed For 1 Dog In Okatie

Part Time $15 – 25/hr Starts 10/21 Okatie, SC
Seeking a sitter near Okatie for 1 dog. Play / Exercise: And help with crate training. Has Feeding: Lunchtime.