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Cat Sitter

One Time $8 – 15/hr Starts 10/26 Frisco, TX
I have a beautiful cat who is very playful and fun. She is 1. 8 months very loving and affectionate. looking for a pet sitter.

Cat Sitter

One Time $10 – 10/hr Starts 11/24 Madison, TN
My husband and I are looking for a cat sitter! Our cat, KK, is very anti-social (although gentle and sweet). You are welcome to pet her if she will let you. She is declawed (front and back) and rarely bites. Because she is so reclusive, we only need someone to come by long enough to clean out the litter box and to feed and water her. It's a very easy job! We prefer to have you come every other day (a total of three times). We are flexible on what time you come by. We are offering $50 for your help. We would like to interview you in person before we hire you just for our peace of mind. If it is a good fit, we will also have another job for you in mid-December. We go out of town semi-frequently, so this would be an easy, flexible job to count on several times a year!

Cat Sitter

One Time $10 – 35/hr Starts 11/23 Philadelphia, PA
My cat needs a sitter.

Cat Sitting

Part Time $10 – 35/hr Starts 11/25 Watertown, MA
1-2 hours a day to spend playing, hanging out, feeding and fresh water, with our cat Beetle. No litter stuff needed since we will only be gone 3-4 days. She's super easy, she just really likes to play. Would like to meet beforehand to make sure it's a good fit.

Cat Sitter

Full Time $10 – 29/hr Starts 12/21 Boston, MA
Hi there! We need someone to take care of our 2-year-old indoor cat named Taquito while we are on vacation. -feed him twice a day -make sure his water is full -clean his cat litter every other day

Cat Sitter

Part Time $10 – 33/hr Starts 11/19 Decatur, GA
I have a sweet Tiny kitten and am looking for someone to take care of her in their home while I'm away for a week

Cat Sitter

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 11/27 Laramie, WY
Drop in to check on my 4-month-old kitten, play with him, feed/water him, and clean litter box over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Cat Sitter

Part Time $10 – 20/hr Starts 10/21 Humble, TX
I have 2 1/2 cats and an aquarium. I leave town on business 3-5 times a year for a period of 3 days to two weeks. And sometimes I even take a vacation. I'm looking for that someone to call who will check in on my critters daily for about an hour when I'm away. My 2 cats stay indoors while I'm away and need to be fed watered and cleaned up after once a day. I usually try to play with them for 20 minutes a day. I also care for a neighbored cat who needs feeding and water. During in-climate weather I allow him to come indoors but he's a horror to clean up after, and not always welcomed by my cats. I also have an aquarium that should require minimal care, a feeding once daily. Maybe a little attention if there's time. The fish like to be noticed. I don't have a specific date at this time. Perhaps a first need will be in October.

Sitter Needed For 9 Cats

One Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 12/26 Crestview, FL
Family needs a vacation-time sitter for 9 cats. Must love animals! Our ideal match will meet the requirements below. Job duties include feeding in the morning and evening; and clean up of pet waste (3 litter boxes). Non-smoker

Cat Lover Sitter

Full Time $20 – 25/hr Starts 11/05 Eugene, OR
Seeking a sitter for 2 cats. Scoop litter. Play / Exercise: They may be shy at first, but love to play fetch. Feeding: Cat food provided, of course. Treats too. Schedule Details: I will be traveling to the United Kingdom and need someone to visit the two cats for ONE hour each day. The time of day would be up to you and based on availability. Feed, litter scoop, just make sure they are okay. Nice home, no kitty medical issues. I have friends that can visit on some of these days, but not sure which days yet.