Hiring a tutor

Back-to-school 2020 resource guide for parents and caregivers

The back-to-school 2020 season is looking very different for families and caregivers, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There's a lot more to factor in for everyone's health and safety, and adapted school schedules and day care closures are adding logistical hurdles on top of the usual child care struggles we've... more

How much does a tutor cost?

When hiring a tutor, you’ll find that you have a wide range of options, so it should come as no surprise that pricing will vary greatly depending on your child’s specific academic needs. So, just how much is a tutor going to cost? Private tutoring rates are calculated based on... more

How co-parents can agree on a back-to-school plan, according to experts

Summer wasn’t even in full swing before parents around the country began fretting over the specifics of the 2020-2021 school year. The stressful questions abound: Should children head back to in-person instruction or all-virtual learning? How might families in which both parents work handle child care, if instruction is entirely... more

How much does after-school child care cost?

Hiring an after-school babysitter or nanny to care for your kids at home between the end of the school day and the end of your work day — and perhaps for an hour or two after that to transition from evening to nighttime — can be a huge stress reliever. Some sitters... more

The 12 best online tutoring services for 2020

There are a variety of quality online tutoring services that place tutors directly in front of their students for digital sessions of instruction. The latest and greatest online tutoring platforms are designed to help students learn while keeping them interested and engaged on subjects from math and science to language... more

Interviewing a tutor: 23 key questions for parents to ask

Finding a tutor who is knowledgeable, works well with your child and addresses your specific tutoring needs is a crucial part of creating a great learning experience for your child. Before inviting the private tutor to your home, you will likely have an initial phone interview to see if this person... more

Choosing a tutor: Know the options for your child

Perhaps you’ve noticed that your child’s grades are slipping in a certain subject and he or she needs an academic boost, or maybe a big test is on the horizon and some study help is in order. Whatever the issue, hiring a tutor can be a very beneficial option for... more

Back-to-school tutoring help: Don't wait for the first report card

You've been having nightmares about your child's report cards from last year — the homework assignments covered in red pen, the awkward parent/teacher conferences and the stressful study sessions that never did any good. You've spent more than a few sleepless evenings trying to figure out... more