Child care

When the ‘nanny tax’ applies to a babysitter

Many families need only part-time or occasional child care assistance, instead of a full-time nanny. And while you may think that you’re not obligated to pay employment taxes just for hiring a date night babysitter, after-school sitter, or backup caregiver, in some circumstances the IRS begs to differ. The truth... more

Biden's plan for caregivers: What you should know, according to experts

Last November, Democratic presidential primary candidates finally tackled a question on the child care crisis. Nearly a year later, with the crisis exacerbated by a pandemic and recession, President-elect Joe Biden has made the issue a key part of his economic recovery plan, offering proposals that would “create a 21st... more

Jobs with babies: 17 great career options to work with infants

If you love infants and are looking for job options, we have great news for you: There are lots of well-paying and rewarding careers where you get to spend your time working with babies! But a desire to work with babies and a passion for the work alone won't... more

When to keep your child home from day care — and for how long

It’s a predicament many parents with kids in child care have found themselves in at one point or another: Your child seems sick … but are they sick enough to warrant keeping them home from day care? Before COVID, the answer was a little more cut and dried. In fact... more

COVID resource guide for parents and caregivers

Understanding coronavirus 101 What families and caregivers need to know about coronavirus Social distancing and quarantining: What you need to know Being a professional caregiver during the pandemic 6 questions nannies and sitters should ask before caring for kids during COVID-19 6 smart things to do right now for your job... more

Physical affection and touch: How much kids need and how to give them enough amid COVID

Love and affection. Every kid needs them. But since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we’re all living six feet apart. Hugging or even touching are among the very last things parents want their kids to do with anyone outside their family or caregiver pod.  “Children everywhere are losing out on... more

10 parenting podcasts to help you laugh, learn and feel seen

In a life absolutely overflowing with responsibilities, listening to a podcast can feel like an escape — a few moments of enlightenment through passive listening. Podcast time is even better if you can fit it in during a walk outdoors or a bubble bath for the ultimate self-care indulgence (as indulgences... more

How child care is affecting how parents plan to vote in 2020

It’s a presidential election year, and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, which has significantly exacerbated an ongoing child care crisis in the U.S. for parents with young children and forged brand new woes for parents of K-12 students. That means U.S. families are dealing with... more