The Best No-Frills Date Nights

Melissa Roja Lawlor
Jan. 25, 2012

Mom blogger Kelly Pugliano shares the secret to a lifetime of great dates as part of the Interview Series

Mom Got Blog author Kelly Pugliano always tries to squeeze every second from a day, so when it comes to finding a precious hour with her husband, the mother of two teenagers will take what she can get, even if it's just a simple chat and stroll around the neighborhood. She shared with the secret to date night bliss: a partner who takes the time to create a great plan!

Describe the best date night you've ever had with or without your husband.

This is hard to choose because my husband rocks when it comes to planning date-nights. I think I would have to choose one of our first dates; he brought me to a little amphitheater one evening to see Ray Charles, one of my favorite musicians. Ray made his entrance down the aisle where we were seated and I remember thinking how tiny he was. That left my mind when he took the stage; he was larger than life and my husband and I got lost in an evening of great music. I think it was one of the best because my husband took the time to plan it out himself. It was a special night...can't really put my finger on the why.

Describe a date that you had with your husband before you had kids.

My husband and I have always been pretty active, so most of our "dates" mostly centered around doing something like cycling, hiking or running. I guess the normal "prep" would be involved. What made it fun was just being together.

What kind of dates do you go on post-kids?

When the kids were younger, we did not live near family, so finding a babysitter was hard. When we did find one? It was like finding gold. We contacted a local college and found one who also sat for a friend. Back then, my husband and I did plan date nights. We would go out every Thursday for a few hours, for dinner, a beer or even a cup of coffee. When the kids were little, that time was much needed.

[Now] we usually go out to dinner for a planned date. Nothing fancy; again just to be able to carve out even an hour or so just for us is great. We really enjoy spending time together, so whatever we can do for that alone time seems to work, even if it means taking an evening stroll around the neighborhood. We don't really have planned date nights anymore. We tend to stay home and hang out on the porch reading or chatting on the patio with a fire and glass of wine.

Have you had a date that occurred out of spontaneity?

My husband surprised me with a spontaneous trip to San Antonio for my 40th birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary. He planned the whole thing; not even telling me where we were going until arriving at the airport!

Do you and your husband take Valentine's Day seriously? How do you celebrate?

We celebrate the day by cooking a fabulous meal at home, serve it on our wedding china, share a great bottle of wine and dig in to a nice chocolate-y dessert. A perfect evening!

Kelly Pugliano is mom to two teenagers who has been happily married to her best friend for 18 years. The freelance writer and first-time novelist maintains a unique blog called Mom Got Blog, a space where she shares life stories, her passion for good food and her love of sports/fitness.. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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Photo used with permission from Kelly Pugliano.

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