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Seeking A Special Needs Caregiver With Deafness, Cognitive Disabilities Experience In Somers.

Part Time $11 – 18/hr Starts 10/14 Somers, CT
53 yr old sister is living independently in her own apartment (complex). 15 hours per week paid through Governmental Agency (deductions for SS and taxes), paid expense reimbursement & mileage. 6 hours per week paid directly to you (no taxes, SS are taken out.). 21 hours total per week. M has intellectual disabilities and is severely hearing impaired. She wears hearing aids, but still has issues hearing. She does not do sign language, but does understand with patience and speaking clearly to her (reads lips to some extent). She needs assistance grocery shopping (usually on Mondays), preparing lunch and dinner for the week, guidance with household chores, Dr. appointments, Swimming & exercise (aid is free), bowling, movies, crafts, workbooks.

Seeking A Special Needs Caregiver With Autism, Deafness Experience In Scottsdale.

Full Time $11 – 30/hr Starts 10/07 Scottsdale, AZ
Looking For Help In ASL And Basic School Subjects (English, Math, Etc.) In Scottsdale. Need assistance in socializing and tutoring 30-year-old deaf and autistic student in ASL and other subjects to help him lead a more fulfilled life. He knows basic house signs but his ability to communicate is limited. He loves movies, video games, sharks, zombies. He is very eager to learn and socialize. He has no behavioral issues. He just needs a little help in developing communication skills in ASL, in writing, reading comprehension, and basic math skills to open up a whole new world for him. He is familiar with basic letters and numbers as well as feels comfortable with addition (#1-20). Guardians are very flexible and supportive for any homework needs.

Seeking Respite/HAB Professional For Our 3.5 Year Old Son-deaf (w/cochlear Implants)& Mild ASD

Part Time $11 – 20/hr Starts 10/07 Phoenix, AZ
We are looking for a part-time caregiver (HAB and respite) for our 3. 5-year-old son who is deaf with cochlear impants and has ASD. Please let me know what company you are with, available times (see my requested times) and experience. Thanks!

Help For Family With 9yo Special Girl

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/17 Essex Junction, VT
9yr old deaf/blind with acute & chronic meningitis. Beautiful/fun/witty/loving girl that is both mobile and communicative but average skills/cognition of a 3-4yr old. Loves to swim/play at park/get nails done/color/craft/cook among other things. Seeking help with after-school shifts & 7hr shift over weekends. Additional hours during school breaks or during the week may be available as well. Student OK (must be 18) or college student seeking experience. Most important is comfort level of the person in dealing with both a medically fragile child and one that is accustomed to 1on1 attention. Okay with a dogs & siblings in the home, valid Driver's License with a reliable vehicle are a must. The PCA system controls the min/max pay rate, but we try to improve compensation with flexibility and fringe benefits. Msg/Email for full details.

Needed Part Time Special Needs Caregiver In Hackensack

Part Time $20 – 20/hr Starts 10/16 Hackensack, NJ
Looking for a part-time caregiver for our Adult family member with Deafness, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, My name is Greg, I am seeking assistance for myself. I'm 51, on Disability and live in Hackensack. I don't drive, I live alone with my cat and have lifelong OCD(-anxiety disorder, germ phobia), and other health issues(-bone marrow failure) I need help and encouragement dealing with certain household chores my anxieties get in the way of; light cleaning, sorting mail, laundry, cooking. While attempting these myself, talking to someone helps me cope with, and keeps down, my anxiety levels. I am basically seeking someone to talk to as I do my chores. I also need help with general organizational skills, and grocery shopping. No personal hygiene or litter box assistance needed. Hours very flexible. $20 hr, 6hrs wk. 2hrs 3x wk or 3 hrs 2x wk.

Needed Special Needs Caregiver In The Colony

Part Time $15 – 20/hr Starts 10/20 The Colony, TX
Looking for a caregiver for our Adult family member with Mental Illness, Deafness, Seizure Disorder in The Colony. Ideal match will meet the requirements below. No regular schedule but looking for frequent support.

Seeking A Special Needs Caregiver With Autism Experience In Dallas.

Part Time $10 – 15/hr Starts 10/07 Dallas, TX
Looking for a part-time caregiver for our Teen family member with Autism in Dallas. Ideal match will meet the requirements below. Ideal match will be fluent in ASL or DEAF! My child uses primarily ASL but can understand 1-2 step commands in English if given slowly. "First this, then that" She is very independent, can make her own snacks, spends most of the time in her tablet. Main duties for a caregiver would be putting her on and getting her off the busy to allow Mom more flexibility in work hours.

Seeking A Night Nanny For Our Sweet 3.5 Year Old With Night Wakings So We Can Catch Up On Sleep

Full Time $11 – 20/hr Starts 10/07 Phoenix, AZ
Looking for a night nanny for our 3. 5-year-old son. He is deaf but wears cochlear implants (but not at night), able to communicate, and has a rare genetic mutation that is causing frequent night wakings. References needed. We will take any evenings that you have available. We will also be at home (as will our sleeping 5-year-old with no sleep issues), but are trying to catch up on several years of sleep debt. Ask me ANY questions! We are also happy to do a trial period or shift our requested times. Salary negotiable.

Needed Special Needs Caregiver In Jefferson

Part Time $8 – 15/hr Starts 10/02 Jefferson, OH
Looking for a part-time caregiver for our Teen, Youth family member with Mental Illness, Deafness, Developmental Delays, Mobility Challenges, Cerebral Palsy, Speech Delay, Seizure Disorder, Blindness/Visual

Needed Special Needs Caregiver In Smyrna

Part Time $15 – 16/hr Starts 10/05 Smyrna, GA
My son is 16 years old autistic, signs ASL he could be a little rough. But as long as there's communication, he'll be fine. He's into building online games and food. Additional needs include meal prep and having a reliable car. Family Age Groups: Teen. Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Autism, Deafness, Blindness/Visual Impairment.
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