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9 Valentine’s Day ideas for older adults

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that anyone, at any age, can enjoy, especially if it means someone who cares for you pops over, maybe a heart card or treat in hand, and dotes on you for a little while.

Check out these simple but celebratory Valentine’s Day suggestions for your older friends, loved ones and coworkers. They are all easy to pull together, sentimentally appropriate, budget-friendly — and not totally predictable.

1. Make a homemade card

Make a homemade Valentine’s Day card, especially if you have little hands to help, or even write a short letter on clean or decorated paper. Think of the ways your older loved one is a stand-out human, how they make you or your family feel good, what you like about working with them or what you admire about how they live their life. Then simply tell them so straight from the heart.

2. Make a tasty treat

Valentine’s Day and chocolate (and so many other sweets) go hand in hand, so homemade baked goods can make a sweet surprise. Need a sugar-free treat? Try making this adorable sugar-free valentine muffin recipe from Queen Keto.

3. Bring balloons

Get a small cluster of bright balloons — the more the merrier! — but do be mindful of the size of their living space. Tie the balloons together with ribbon or attach them to a lamp or chairs where they can be enjoyed throughout the day.

4. Watch a favorite movie

Ask what their favorite romantic movie is and arrange to watch it together. Ask them why it’s their favorite, and use this activity as an opportunity to engage in conversation that takes interest in their heart and soul. They might even share with you some charming favorite memories.

5. Look at photos together

Ask your older friend or loved one if they would like to flip through old photo albums and tell you about their loves and loved ones from days gone by. Show you care by actively listening and asking questions about the people and events that meant so much to them. Ask politely about sweet memories from the past like their first kiss, first crush and first love.

6. Go for a drive

Especially if your older friend or loved one doesn’t drive much or at all anymore, they might love to get out and see the nearby city or the countryside. Especially for folks who still live in or near their hometowns, it’s fun to go exploring and listen to them tell stories as you both point out what’s old and what’s new. For longer outings, make sure to plan for a pit stop with clean, accessible restrooms along the way.

7. Have a Red Day

Have a simple but festive breakfast. Dress up in as much red as you can pull together. Set the table with red placemats, napkins, plates and flowers. Drink cranberry juice and eat red velvet pancakes topped with strawberries. Sip on red tea after your meal.

8. Go out for coffee or tea

If transportation is not a hassle, go to a nice coffee or tea shop in your area, have a cuppa and a treat and people watch. If it’s nice out, take a short walk and admire nearby shop displays. Take along any mobility assistance equipment that might come in handy, just in case.

9. Set up a virtual call

For those far away who can’t pop over for a Valentine’s Day treat or hug, connect with them online via Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Help your older friend or loved one with the technology if they need it.