Cost of child care

This is how much child care costs in 2021

According to a new survey, 72% of families say child care is more expensive and 46% of families say child care is more difficult to find, due to the pandemic; however, research shows that hiring a nanny has become a more feasible option for many.  As we... more

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How much does a nanny cost?

If you’ve narrowed down your choice of child care options and decided that hiring a nanny is the right option for your family, you’re probably wondering: How much does a nanny cost and can I afford one? As with any child care option a parent considers, it’s crucial to know... more

14 free or cheap summer camp options for 2021

When the school year wraps up, kids look forward to lazier days spent poolside, riding bikes or having sleepovers with friends and enjoying quality time with family. But chances are they’ll make even more amazing summer memories, as well as continue to learn and grow, if they attend a summer... more

How much does a summer nanny cost?

School’s out for summer… but work isn’t! So you’re going to need help with child care. Finding just the right summer nanny for the job requires identifying someone qualified, reliable and with a personality that fits your family — and creating a budget for the hire.  But how much... more

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Dependent Care Accounts: The best way to save on child and senior care costs

If you’re looking at the cost of child care or senior care solutions, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by hourly and monthly rates, among other expenses. How can you cut down on these costs, you may ask yourself? For most families, the biggest savings you can attain is... more

9 child care subsidies every family should know about

Raising children is expensive. Many of us began budgeting for our new babies before they even arrived, but few could have predicted just how rapidly the costs of child care would grow over the last few years. According to’s 2020 Cost of Care Survey, which surveyed over 3... more

What families need to know about the American Rescue Plan

You’ve no doubt heard about a new COVID-19 relief plan that was signed into law by President Biden on March 12, 2021. It’s called the American Rescue Plan, and here are the items within the new law that may impact your family.  A third round of stimulus checks The CARES Act provided up... more

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Nanny taxes and payroll: Step-by-step instructions for setting it up

Congrats! You’ve found a nanny you’d like to hire. Now what? Know that as soon as your nanny accepts your job offer, your responsibilities as an employer begin. That means putting the terms of your working relationship into a contract, deciding on benefits and setting up payroll. It also means... more