Stay-at-home parents

I get bored as a stay-at-home mom. Here are 7 ways to beat the boredom and burnout

For a host of practical reasons, becoming a stay-at-home mom was the right choice for me and my family. And yet, despite loving my 16-month-old son and generally enjoying the time we spend together, there’s no denying some days drag. While my husband’s off doing who knows what exciting grown-up... more

Mom’s emotional post about stay-at-home parenthood is tough to read, but it’s also true

It’s not every day you see a mom crying on Facebook over how hard it is to stay home with her children. By society’s standards, stay-at-home parents aren’t supposed to be stressed. They’re supposed to keep the house tidy, plan tons of fun activities and lovingly dote on their babies... more

Praise for moms is great, but here’s what’s even better

One popular trend that’s recently emerged in the online parenting world is the mom appreciation post. In these posts, dads write about all the hard, draining, exhausting work their female partners do and then say how much they appreciate it. The internet crowd goes wild for it, but could these... more

Parents weigh in: How to support a stay-at-home parent when you're the one going back to work

Being a working parent is no easy task, but neither is staying at home with your kids. After parents welcome a new baby, we tend to focus on what they need to feel supported as they go back to work. But becoming a stay-at-home parent is also a major transition... more

Mom calls parenting ‘mundane’ and ‘relentless’ and sparks online debate

Parenting is many things — challenging, rewarding, demanding, fulfilling and yes, sometimes even a little boring. When one toddler mom, recently depicted in a viral post on the Humans of New York Instagram and Facebook, shared that she finds parenting “relentless” and “mundane,” many parents nodded and cheered. But others are... more

Parents confess: The parent I thought I’d be vs. the parent I really am

Prior to parenting, I had it all figured out — or so I thought. I’d breastfeed exclusively until my child naturally transitioned to homemade purees. When he was old enough, he’d sit politely at the table and eat a miniature portion of whatever I served his dad. Until then, I’d... more