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How to interview a nanny: Your questions checklist

So you’ve vetted your list of nanny applicants, you’ve picked your favorites, and you’ve scheduled the interviews. Now what? It’s time to draft up your question list so that you cover all your bases and find the best nanny for your family. Of course, you want the conversation to flow... more

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Find Out How Much You Should Be Paying for Housekeeping

Arm yourself with this knowledge when determining the cost of housekeeping. How Much Should Housekeeping Cost? National Average $160 Typical Range $115 - $227 Low-End Cost $60 High-End Cost $340 The average cost to hire a house cleaner or housekeeper in the United States is about $160. While the amount will... more

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How Much Does a Babysitter Cost?

In Part 3 of "The Babysitting Guide," we discuss how much babysitters typically cost, as well as the factors that can affect rates. If you’re looking for a sitter, odds are that pay rate plays a big part in who you choose. According to the 2017 Care.com Babysitter Survey, the average babysitting rate... more

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Special Needs Care for Adult Children: Your Care Options

Here are some tips for finding the right type of special needs caregiver for your adult child. As they reach adulthood, young people with disabilities also reach a crossroads in care. As children, they may have relied on their parents for support -- should that continue now they’re adults? If not... more

Pet Care Options

Most pet owners have to deal with the reality of pet care as soon as they come home with their new furry friend.  So for you newbies or struggling "sophomore" pet owners, here are some of the more popular pet care options and what you can expect. Dog Walking... more

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Fun Indoor Exercises for School-Aged Kids (9-12 Years Old)

Here are some activities that you, your babysitter, or your nanny can do with your 9-12-year-old to encourage healthy habits early on. Care.com has worked with a variety of experts to find the perfect activities for kids, based on their age group. Read below to discover new ways that you  -- and your babysitter... more

How to interview a nanny: Questions to ask during phone interviews

You've narrowed down your applicants to a few potential nannies. Now it's time to pick up the phone and ask a few questions to further decide if each candidate is worth meeting in person. Here are a three general topics to cover during your call with each nanny... more

How to interview a nanny: In-person interviews

Most of us don’t hire people often and, when it comes to hiring a household employee like a nanny, you might not know where to start. You’re definitely not alone. In-person interviews with a nanny are very important so you want to make sure you do it right the first... more