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The 24 Best Dog Food Brands of 2015

The 24 Best Dog Food Brands of 2015Many factors -- such as the age, weight and breed of your dog -- go into choosing the best dog food for your furry companion. But not all brands are created equal. Pet experts stress there are definitely some ingredients you'll want to steer... more

17 DIY Dog Toys: How to Make Fun, Safe Toys From Things in Your House

Why spend tons of money on expensive dog toys when you can upcycle items from around your home?Does it seem like dog toys come into your house for the sole purpose of being destroyed? Can your pup rip the squeaker out of a stuffed duck in 30 seconds flat... more

20 of the Best Free DIY Dog House Plans on the Internet

If a DIY dog house is on your to-do list, these detailed dog house plans are just what you need to get from beginning to end. Your dog gives you unconditional love and affection on the regular, so why not show him some love by giving him a great outdoor space to... more

8 Easy DIY Dog Paw Print Art Projects

Here are 8 fun and easy ways to turn your dog's paw prints into treasured pieces of art for the whole family. As dog parents, it seems as though our lives revolve around constantly taking pictures of every little cute thing our dogs do. Is your puppy carrying a stick... more

Top 10 Vegetables for Dogs: Pick the Perfect Veggie for Your Dog's Health

The top 10 vegetables for dog health issues from bad breath to tummy trouble. Regular dog food is optimized for most dogs' needs, but adding vegetables can provide great health benefits too! Vegetables for dogs are a great supplement to a healthy diet. "Each plant contains hundreds of constituents," says... more

DIY Cat Toys: 20 Fun and Easy Toys for Your Cats

Check out these DIY cat toys that are sure to be a hit for the cats in your home.Have you ever come home from the store with a brand new cat toy, only to have your cat be more interested in the packaging it came in? Cats can make... more


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Do nail caps hurt cats?

Because my cats claw so many things around the house, I'm considering nail caps. I don't want to hurt them, though. Do nail caps hurt cats?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat?

Raw food diets for dogs have some risks and some rewards. Learn what experts say and how to feed your dog raw meat safely. In light of recent pet food recalls and reports of contaminated commercial foods, pet parents are seeking healthier, more natural and even homemade alternatives. One controversial... more