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Baby activities

Fun Mommy and Me Classes for Babies and Toddlers

At mommy and me classes, you can play, bond and move with your baby and toddler! As a new mom, you can sometimes feel like you're isolated from the world around you -- stuck in the house with no one but your precious baby to talk to. But it doesn... more

The 10 Best Outlet Malls for Shopping Near Boston

For back-to-school shopping, holiday buys or everyday indulgences, these outlets can’t be beat. Summer is coming to a close, and for many parents that means back-to-school shopping is on the horizon. Whether your little ones are officially in school or just need new warm-weather gear for the upcoming fall and... more

Taking Baby Out for the First Time? 5 Tips for a Successful Trip

When it's time for your newborn's first big adventure outside, being prepared will make it go much more smoothly. Here are 5 tips for making your first adventure a success.Your first few weeks at home with your new baby can be nerve-wracking. Is your baby eating enough... more

These Are Chicago's 5 Best Mom Blogs

These local women are sources for ideas, inspiration, and sometimes even commiseration. You’re probably used to meeting other moms at the park, at school drop-off, or in toddler music class. While you can’t beat swapping pediatrician and preschool recommendations in person, checking out blogs written by Chicago mothers gives you... more

Boston's 10 Best Mommy and Me Classes

Whether swimming or music lessons, mommy and me classes are a great way to spend time with your little one. If you remember back to a time before you had kids, you might recall chuckling at all the moms taking their kids to “mommy and me” classes. Who would want... more

Check Out These 5 Great Chicago Mommy and Me Classes

Play, bond, and learn together at these parent-child classes. Days spent with babies and young toddlers can be a blur of diaper changes, highchair cleanup, toy pickup, and stroller pushing. Then repeat. Mommy and me classes give parents and babies a chance to focus on each other, have fun, learn... more

9 Benefits of Doing Baby Yoga for Mom and Baby

Baby yoga can give you better rest, increased flexibility and a happy baby!After nine long months, you're delighted to have a sweet baby to cuddle and love. But a new baby means a new schedule, and you may find yourself with less time to focus on your health... more

101 Baby Activities for Your Little One

Playtime is important for all ages. Here are some baby activities to make the most out of your time with your infant.You know how important playtime is for infants and babies; after all, it is through play that your child acquires muscle control, brain development, language and social skills... more