Work-life balance

I can thrive as a working mom because my husband is a stay-at-home dad

By Conz Preti When I tell people that I have three kids under the age of 4 at home, work full time and also have several freelance gigs, they all gasp at the Wonder Woman level at which I’m juggling all these things. Truth is, I couldn’t do any of... more

Returning to work after COVID: 10 helpful tips for parents heading back to the office

  Whether you’ve relished in not having a work commute and being able to throw in a load of laundry or have been tearing your hair out because the kids barge into your “home office” (read: your bed) 500 times an hour to ask if they can have a snack... more

How to guides

7 self-care hacks for caregivers who are tight on time

Long, erratic hours, unreasonable demands, and the physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion that often results — sound familiar? Professionals who care for children, older adults and people with disabilities have long been overworked and undervalued, so it’s no wonder burnout can be an issue in the professional caregiving world. For... more

11 pandemic parenting lessons we'll be taking into 2021 and beyond

There’s no question 2020 is a year most of us will be happy to put in our rearview mirrors, bidding bye bye to all those long months, which taxed parents at just about every turn.  The year taught us words like “hybrid school model,” tested the ability of... more

These new distance learning school schedules are already causing parents to stress

School districts offering distance learning options for the fall are beginning to send out their new schedules, and the plans aren’t necessarily easing anxieties for busy moms and dads. Working parents have started posting these demanding new school schedules on Twitter, and it’s sparked a serious conversation about the hardships... more

I quit my job due to the pandemic and feel like a failure as a working mom

As a working mom, the COVID-19 pandemic hit my life like a nuclear bomb. Overnight, I went from being an ambitious writing and marketing professional with two kids in school to being an overworked, chaotic mess and a poor excuse for a virtual learning teacher. For months, I struggled to... more

Could ‘double bubbles’ be the pandemic-inspired child care solution of the future?

Social distancing has proven difficult for many families, but would it be easier if you could do it with friends? As the pandemic lingers on, some families are starting to come together in so-called “double bubbles” to support one another.  The “double bubble” trend first took off in Alberta... more

COVID-19 reveals an already broken system for working families in America

For most American families, work-life balance was a struggle long before the days of social distancing and indefinite school closures. The difficulty many face in finding child care and elder care in this country has a measurable impact on people’s wages, mental health and productivity. Now, restrictions and closures due... more