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Drug & Alcohol Testing on Caregivers

Does anyone know if it is legal and possible in California to ask an independent Caregiver to be random drug and alcohol tested. Also upon new position I am filling.

13 easy magic tricks for kids

Magic tricks for kids can be a ton of fun and are a great way for parents and nannies to keep the family entertained. After all, who doesn't love a bit of magic and delight? "When I perform for kids, I try to help them feel like adults, and... more


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How do you balance caring for yourself while caring for others?

While caring for loved or little ones, it can be difficult to practice self-care. How do you find the balance between caring for yourself and those you are looking out for?

12 high-fiber foods (and recipes!) kids will actually eat

What would your kid prefer for a snack: a Pop-Tart or a cup of bran cereal? High-fiber foods for kids are so valuable for nutrition, but getting kids to eat them is another story. Fiber isn't the most exciting ingredient, but it aids in digestion, prevents constipation and helps... more

How to post a job on Step-by-step instructions

In just four easy steps, you can find help on Posting a job on takes just a few minutes and can save you a lot of time and energy when you need care ASAP. We know how busy you are, so we’ve broken down how to... more

Here's why you need a nanny trial — plus 7 tips to make the most of it

When Sara Cantwell, a San Francisco mom of twin boys, and her husband hired their first nanny, they let her go the very same week, after the nanny was repeatedly tardy. That meant the family had to nearly go back to square one, which put them behind in their search... more


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How do I change my pay rate on


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What free or inexpensive professional development modules do you like to participate in online?

Hi, everyone!  I'm really interested in learning what free, low cost or moderately priced activities everyone enjoys participating in for themselves. I'm thinking specifically of brief courses that might fall under "professional development." Some of the best sources I've found (keep in mind, these are free... more