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The Pros and Cons of Year-Round School

Not sure if year-round school is right for your kid? Study up on the pros and cons here. Thinking year-round school might be right for your child, but not sure if he'll miss summer vacation? Before you make the decision, here's a look at what this school system... more

11 Catchy Jump Rope Rhymes

Teach your child these old and new catchy tunes to pump up playtime.This summer, bring back a classic. Introduce the kids to jump ropes in all their colorful beaded and fringe-accented glory. This old-school toy rope is the centerpiece for several jumping games guided by clever rhymes.Favorite Jump... more

101 Exciting Things to Do with Kids Aged 9-12

Do your tweens seem glued to their screens? Keep them busy with these stimulating things to do with kids aged 9-12!     Every parent dreads hearing those two little words that tweens tend to repeat ad nauseam: "I'm bored!" Finding things to do with kids ages 9 to... more

8 Fun Games and Activities for 3-Year-Olds

Fun things to do with your 3-year-old. Once you've survived the terrible twos, you can expand the types of games and activities that you can do with your 3-year-old. At this stage, children are like sponges, absorbing everything around them. The world is a noisy, overwhelming place for young... more

8 Signs That Your Child Is Ready to Start Kindergarten

Know when to sign your children up and when to "red shirt" them and hold them back a year.     Kindergarten is the new first grade. That's the word on the street if you talk to many moms of school-age kids. The new students are getting older (more... more

20 Questions to Ask During a Parent-Teacher Conference

Know what to expect from a parent-teacher conference and the best questions to ask the teacher.     It's back-to-school time! That means it's time for new backpacks, new classmates, new teachers... and parent-teacher conferences. Get the most out of this meeting if you approach it as an... more

When Can Kids Walk to School Alone?

Know if your child is ready to start walking to school without you.     Parents struggle with many things when it comes to the safety and security of our children. One scary question that a lot of parents face is how old kids should be before they walk school... more

16 Kids' Typing Games

Get your children excited about improving their computer skills by introducing them to some fun kids' typing games.   If you want to get your children excited about improving their typing skills, introduce them to some fun kids' typing games. There are many kids' typing games online that can help... more