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Distance learning and sleeping in: When it’s OK, when it’s not and what parents should know

Whether you’re calling it distance learning, remote learning or online school, chances are your kid’s school day looks a whole lot different these days than it did before the pandemic. And we’re not just talking about kids learning through Zoom and doing chemistry projects on the kitchen counter — for many... more

How child care is affecting how parents plan to vote in 2020

It’s a presidential election year, and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, which has significantly exacerbated an ongoing child care crisis in the U.S. for parents with young children and forged brand new woes for parents of K-12 students. That means U.S. families are dealing with... more

25 DIY teacher gifts that kids can make

Sure, gift cards are nice, but it’s the homemade teacher gifts that usually leave the biggest impression on your child’s teacher. Not only do personalized presents that come from the heart show just how much your child’s teacher means to them, they’re treasures that can never be duplicated. “I’ve gotten... more

Early data from open schools looks promising: Here’s what we can learn

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic this summer, parents, teachers and administrators grappled with finding the best way forward into the new school year for students. Based on a number of factors including community spread, each school district had to make their own best possible decision on whether students would return... more

12 questions to ask during a parent-teacher conference

Parent-teacher conferences are one of the most useful tools that we have as parents to ensure our children are getting the most from their education. But as helpful as they are, they can be downright stressful for everyone involved. Parents want to get the lowdown on how their children are... more

5 powerful actions for promoting equity at your child’s school

Imagine three children come to a table to have lunch. One child is seated and ready to eat. Another child is also seated, but their chair is unstable, and they worry it might break. The other child has no seat at all. Now, imagine the table represents the classroom, and... more

Teacher blasts parents caught smoking, drinking and undressed during online learning

A Florida teacher is fed up with the way parents have been behaving while their students learn online. Edith Pride, a teacher at Boca Raton Elementary School, took the mic at a school board meeting last week to deliver a lecture to parents who she says are showing up in... more

Parents send teen positive for COVID-19 to school and infuriate the community

Kids returning to school during the COVID-19 pandemic are doing their best to practice social distancing, wear face masks and to stay home if they’ve been exposed to or exhibit symptoms of the virus. Unfortunately, not every family is choosing to follow those guidelines. Close to 30 high school students... more