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6 tips for talking about Pride month and LGBTQ+ rights with kids

Any time is a good time to talk to kids about what it means to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning (LGBTQ), but June is an especially important opportunity to get the conversation started. June is Pride month, which commemorates the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and... more

25 summer jobs to fit every schedule

Summer jobs come in all shapes and sizes — it's just a matter of finding one that fits your unique lifestyle. When New York City-based Meg Hagar thinks back on all her summer jobs, she remembers loving her job at the New York Renaissance Faire: "The work was fun and it... more

25 free educational websites for kids

Kids and screens. Sometimes they’re more of an iconic duo than parents and caregivers would like. Seeing little ones glued to tablets, phones or computers with that look in their eyes — you know the one — rarely produces warm and fuzzy feelings for the people who are caring for... more

20 ‘girl power’ quotes for raising confident girls

From the time we’re born, we’re taught that girls and boys are different. We see it everywhere: the baby clothes aisle where one side is pink and the other side blue, the toy store where the trucks and dinosaurs are kept separate from the dolls and art supplies, the tea... more

A year without child care: Parents tell us how they’re surviving (Spoiler: Send help!)

Ashley Howard of White Plains, New York has three kids, ages 2, 3 and 6. She works in account management for a tech company. Before COVID, her child care was covered through day care, camps and a nanny. Now? “It’s a daily juggling act with no consistency since each respective... more

17 curious confessions about parent-teacher conferences

Ah, parent-teacher conferences. A time to get to know the teacher on a more personal level. A time to find out what your kid really is up to in school all day. Also, a time to be… completely thrown for a loop?! (“Quiet?” “Helpful?” Seriously, who is this... more

School faces backlash for letting parents opt kids out of Black History Month curriculum

A Utah charter school is under fire for giving parents the choice to opt their kids out of Black History Month curriculum. Micah Hirokawa, the director of Maria Montessori Academy in North Ogden, Utah, claims he sent opt-out forms home after receiving requests from several parents. Now, he’s reversing the... more

16 free typing games for kids

If you want to get kids excited about learning or improving their typing skills, introduce them to some fun typing games online. There are many free typing games for kids that can help strengthen keyboarding skills and improve typing speed and accuracy. Plus, it's important to help kids learn... more