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How much should I pay for daycare pickups?

If my babysitter is picking my daughter from day care, should I include gas money in her pay?


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What are pros and cons of a home day care vs a day care center?

How to write a day care resume to impress any director [with resume template]

If you’re applying for day care positions, listen up: “As child care educators, we want the most intelligent, organized and professional people we can find,” says Angela Wolfe, owner of Children’s Lighthouse of Little Elm, Texas. “A good resume shows us those people will be in for the long... more

Starting your new day care job: 7 must-dos for a successful first day

It can be nerve-wracking to start any new job, but when you’re working at a day care, it can feel even more crucial to succeed. “Little people have big emotions, parents are trusting you with the most important things in their lives, and you will be busy, busy, busy,”... more

How to get a day care job

“Child care is really one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding jobs,” says Angela Wolfe, owner of Children’s Lighthouse of Little Elm, Texas. If that statement excites you, rather than intimidates you, it’s a good sign that a job at a day care center might... more

Day care jobs: How to determine if a child care center is right for you

If you’re looking for a job at a day care center, you likely know there are plenty of options out there. Some centers adhere to a particular child development philosophy. Some are larger institutions, while others are focused on small-scale in-home care. There’s a different type of day care for... more

6 things to consider before pursuing a day care job

“When I was little, I loved taking care of kids who were littler than me,” says Angela Wolfe, owner of Children’s Lighthouse of Little Elm, Texas, who is now in the process of opening a second location. “At 11 years old, I told my mother I want to have... more

7 tips to find the best day care for your child

When searching for a day care for your child, there are so many options. A quick Google search in most cities yields hundreds of different results, including day care centers, in-home or family day cares, co-ops and preschools. The day care you choose will ultimately depend on a number of... more