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Kids in day care are infecting parents, siblings and teachers, says the CDC

For months leading up to the new school year, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, President Trump and other leaders pushed the narrative that kids are at minimal risk of getting seriously ill and would be safe returning to normal activities. While it's true that most kids recover from the... more

Without a bailout, child care centers may not survive the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced child and day care center closures, which has put a huge strain on both working parents and child care workers, but there may be an even bigger crisis looming on the horizon. A recent study by the National Association for the Education of Young Children... more

Face masks on kids at day care: Are they worth the effort?

Social distancing with children is no easy feat. Kids are notorious for touching everything within their reach, and many of them have no concept of personal space. As states relax stay-at-home orders and child care facilities reopen, a major priority for parents, caregivers and leaders alike is how to keep... more

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6 ways to deal with the guilt of leaving your child in someone else's care

If you’re a parent heading back to work after having kids, you are not alone. According to a Pew Research Center report, 46% of U.S. households include two full-time working parents, and an additional 17% have a mom working at least part time. That leaves children who need care... more

20 ways to save money on child care

Think you can't afford child care? Think again. You may believe it's too expensive for your family, but once you explore your options, you might be surprised.  The first step to take before looking into your child care options is figuring out how much money you can... more

What coming out of lockdown might look like for families (Spoiler: It’s gonna be slow)

We may all be settling into our new normal in the era of COVID-19, but a longing for our old normal — or any kind of normal with some human contact, please! — still sits in the back of most of our minds. After weeks of staying home, physically distancing... more

Should I continue paying my nanny, babysitter or day care during the pandemic?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, child care was a major expense for most parents and an ongoing financial juggle for the majority of families every day. And now that schools, day cares, and preschools are closed and “stay-at-home” mandates have meant releasing nannies and sitters from their child care... more

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Dependent Care Accounts: The best way to save on child and senior care costs

If you’re looking at the cost of child care or senior care solutions, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by hourly and monthly rates, among other expenses. How can you cut down on these costs, you may ask yourself? For most families, the biggest savings you can attain is... more