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How much should I pay for daycare pickups?

If my babysitter is picking my daughter from day care, should I include gas money in her pay?


24 answers

What are pros and cons of a home day care vs a day care center?

How I chose the right child care for my family

Prior to full-time parenting, I had a vision of life as a stay-at-home mom: I’d effortlessly balance housework and child rearing, ticking off chores while engaging my child in one educational activity after another, spending my free time reading books on parenting while canning homemade jam. Oh, and somehow in... more

What is in-home day care and how much will it cost me?

In-home day care — or family day care, as it is also commonly known — is child care service in a caregiver’s home rather than in a commercial day care center. In-home day care services can range from informal arrangements, like the retired neighbor who watches a handful of local... more

This is how much child care costs in 2018

According to a new Care.com survey, child care is unaffordable for more than seven in 10 American families. Learn how you can save money. Child care costs rose for the fifth year in row, according to the fifth annual Care.com Cost of Care Survey, which showed that the average... more

8 Signs of a Bad Day Care Center

Know what to look for when you're touring a child care facility. It's finally time to put your precious kiddo in day care, or to switch day care centers after a not-so-positive experience. It's okay to be nervous; it just means you'll be more cautious. Don... more

13 tips for the first day of day care

Starting day care is a major transition in any child’s life. For some, it’s the first time they’ve ever been away from their parents for a significant amount of time and the first time they’ve ever interacted with such a large group of other children. For others, it may not... more

10 day care safety issues

As much as you'd love to be with your kids around the clock, it's not always feasible. So when you must leave your child in someone else's care, you want to make sure they're safe. Whether you choose a day care facility or an in-home day care... more