Hiring a babysitter


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Why the sitters delay their application at the last minute. I talked nearly 10 sitters and all of them postpone... It is really ridiculous. It is not professional


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How do I quit my baby sitting gig on good terms?

I have been sitting for this nice family for a few months now and things are going okay but I just can’t seem to bond with the baby. I’m new to sitting and the child has some serious separation anxiety that has only just now started to subside. I still... more


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Can a babysitter charge to watch a 17 year old? My stepmom has 3 children which her babysitter watches but she send me to the library to spend my entire day. She claims its because the lady will charge extra to "watch" me (but she never actually asked).

I'm nearly a legal adult. Could the childrens babysitter really charge for that?


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gift of a babysitter?

Would it be weird to give someone the gift of a sitter from care?


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No call no show and no response. she I look for other care and how to tell her?

so I just hired a sitter for the middle of June. so she has been with us less than a month. on Tuesday of this week she texts me saying she cannot come in as she had a family emergency. of course I'm understanding of this, so I say... more

The 10 most common mistakes made on Care.com

At Care.com, we know that the process of finding the perfect nanny — or the perfect nanny job — can be a little overwhelming. So, we want to make it as simple for you as possible. As more and more people turn to our site for help, we want... more

The right way to check references when hiring a new caregiver

So, you’ve found a caregiver you’re really excited about. They have a great resume, they aced their interview and now it’s time for one of the final steps before you offer them the gig: reference checks. Checking references may seem like a technicality when a candidate looks great on paper... more

Interviewing babysitters: Here’s what every parent needs to ask

One of the most important parts of hiring a new babysitter is getting the chance to interview them about their qualifications. The word “interview” might sound intimidating to some people, but in reality, the interview is your chance to get to know a potential sitter on a deeper level —... more