Hiring a babysitter

My son has become friends with his babysitter, and now I have to tell him she’s leaving

Potty training. Stranger danger. Cyberbullying. To this list of universal sources of parenting dread, I’ll add one more: saying goodbye to your child’s caregiver.  “C” has taken care of my now-5-year-old son for at least a few hours almost every week since he was 3 years old. For the... more

8 tips for hiring a summer nanny or sitter

Finding a summer nanny or babysitter can be more challenging than finding one at other times of the year. For one, it’s a temporary position, and some professional caregivers may not be interested in a job that will end in just a few months. Families also often need nannies with... more

5 ways to solve the summer child care challenge

After bouncing around between a number of nannies and babysitters for my toddler, I finally found a great preschool with an opening in the spring. Hooray! No more juggling of care providers — just a steady schedule of learning and socialization for my little one so I could finally focus fully... more

11 creative child care solutions for school breaks and closings

For some families, spring break and other school breaks provide the perfect opportunity to break up the everyday hustle and bustle with a much-needed vacation. But for many others, it’s time to scramble for child care. Whether the issue is cost or an inability to take off of work, the school... more

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What is a babysitter?

There are several types of child care providers who are available to parents — from babysitters and live-in nannies to mother's helpers. With so many options, in fact, it can sometimes feel confusing and overwhelming for families who are looking for care — and even for caregivers looking for jobs... more

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6 tips for talking to babysitters about safety

Hiring a babysitter to watch your children can be a nerve-wracking process for parents. You need to go to work or have a date night, but you want to make sure your kids are safe and that the sitter know what to do in case of an emergency. Once you've... more

Are you paying your caregiver minimum wage?

Yes, you love your nanny, your housekeeper, your pet sitter and the other caregivers in your life. But do you pay them a fair wage? "Just as you are compensated for the work you do in your profession, your household employee must be paid at least minimum wage for every... more

What anti-racist child care looks like, why it’s important and how to find it

I’ve worried about preparing my children for a world that normalizes their mistreatment based on their skin color since before they were born. And now that I have one — and soon to be two — preschool-aged children, my quest to find programs and child care that go beyond tolerating... more