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Our Mission: Caring for Our Military Families

Wendy Sachs
Oct. 20, 2011

It's 2pm on Tuesday and your husband calls.  "Honey, we have orders," he says matter-of-factly. Your chest tightens and you take a deep breath.  Here we go again.

You've done this before and know the drill.  But each time feels overwhelming, maybe because you now have not one, but two young children to worry about, to integrate into new schools, communities and childcare.  Yes, it can be exhausting to pack up your life and find another job; but you also must create a new life for yourself and family over and over again.  And this can feel exciting and daunting depending on the moment.

And then there are the deployments.   The first one wasn't easy.  And the second one, well, it's something you never get used to no matter how much you mentally prepare.  You worry about your spouse, your children and yourself.

Some days you feel stoic and others like you can't breathe.  You must adeptly move from co-parenting to single parenting and become a super hero just to get through some of the days.  You don't like to ask for help because you're used to this, and well, you're all living it.

We hear you.  We are sensitive to the complicated and intense life of a military family.   From readiness to reintegration and frequent relocations, the demands on parents and the impact on their children is not just a personal issue, but as Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen has said, it's an issue of national security.  Helping military families create stability, ease the stress, reintegrate post deployment, and take care of their children is a responsibility all Americans share, and we take this commitment seriously.

The face of the military has changed and so have its needs.  After all, this is not your father's military.  Today, more than 220,000 women serve on active duty.  Of these women, about 80,000 are in dual-military marriages and an estimated 35,000 are single moms.  And yes, there are plenty of dads too.  In fact, more than 43 percent of all active military are parents - moms and dads to nearly 2 million children.

Our mission is to take the stress out of care, whether it's for your children, your aging loved ones, care for special needs, or even your pets.  We want to help you create calm within the chaos, stability during your ever-shifting lifestyle.  We understand that your needs are unique, fluid and sometimes in flux.   That's why flexible, reliable, quality care is so important to make your life run a little smoother and easier.

And for those who want to find a job in care giving, we can make it easy for you too.  Many of our military moms have found that care giving is a practical and rewarding way to both make money and engage in the community.

We care because it's our obligation.  We care because this is what we do.  We are honored to help our military families.  This is our way to take care of the people who take care of us.

Learn more about our Military Family resources.

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