Dog Mad at Owner: A Humorous Journey Through 10 Photos

Laura Richards
Dec. 23, 2015

You've all seen a dog mad at her owner for stopping her fun but these dogs were captured on camera expressing their angry feelings for all to see!.

You see joyous, good-natured dogs all the time -- and all over the Internet. But sometimes you spot a dog that has a bone to pick with her owner and is not afraid to show it. Whether mad at their keeper or just plain pouting.

These 10 dogs are just not loving life. Check out these dog mad at owner photos and have a laugh at what these pooches are probably thinking:

  1. The Annoyed Cheerleader

    Photo Credit: Maryann Hatch

    "The fellas at the dog park are never going to let me live this one down."
  2. The Backward Hoodie

    Photo Credit: Amy Rodriguez

    "OK, explain to me, exactly, what I'm supposed to do with a pocket on my butt."
  3. The Grass Really Is Greener

    Photo Credit: Cindy Crowninshield

    "Well, maybe this wouldn't happen if you didn't take me out for my business after the sprinklers go off. Did you ever think of that?" (See even more dog fur fails at 15 Funniest Dog Haircuts).
  4. Holiday Sweater Fail

    Photo Credit: Tori Hessler

    "You made me wear this humiliating holiday sweater so I will retreat to my crate, turn my back on you and refuse to acknowledge that you EVEN EXIST!! Happy Holidays!"
  5. I Ate My BFF

    Photo Credit: Amy Rodriguez

    "You left me alone to go to the store, so I ate my best friend. What do you want from me?"
  6. Is This Dog Mad at Owner or the Weather?

    Photo Credit: Ashley Purdum

    "It's raining so I'm stuck inside and that's disappointing. I also can't even deal with this frizz right now."
  7. Sock Thief

    Photo Credit: Michelle Hogan

    "You took my sock and I AM NOT PLEASED! I'm not a human, I can't just go to dog Target to get more socks!"
  8. UGG Destruction

    Photo Credit: Melissa Reese

    "You threw out my old, nasty chew toy? This is how you will pay, human! Do my demon eyes and I look like we're kidding?"
  9. Bathtime Misery

    Photo Credit: Amanda Heinrich

    "I should have known that 'getting a treat' involved something else. You're such a buzzkill."
  10. Get Your Own Bed

    Photo Credit: Marsha Wallace

    "Why couldn't I be an only child, huh?"

Want to know more about why dogs act the way they do? Check out Dog Psychology: Get Inside Your Pet's Head!

Has your dog ever been mad at or disappointed with you? Admit what you did to deserve it in the comments!

Laura Richards is a Boston-based freelance writer and the mother of four boys including a set of identical twins and is also mom to three rescue pets: Scarlett, a 7-year-old beagle, and Edith and Ollie, 15-year-old identical twin black cats. She has written for numerous parenting publications and is the president of On Point Communications.

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