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Georgia Hospice Care Resources

Read about hospice care resources you can access in Georgia.

Georgia - Hospice

It is often tough to come to terms with an elderly family member's declining health and that they may need long-term care for the final portion of their life. The best way to reduce the stress involved with the search for end-of-life care is preparation. It is crucial that a family understands what their loved one's needs are, as well as which care options are available to them.

Hospice Care

When your loved one has a prognosis of less than 6 months, Hospice becomes one of the most common types of end-of-life care. Hospice provides palliative care, pain relief, and comfort rather than focusing on medical treatments. Hospice care is available in an individual's home, in a hospice facility, or in a nursing home, and hospice staff is experienced in caring for those in the end of their lives. They are often a calming presence for the person receiving care and for the family as well.

Georgia Hospice Care Resources

Georgia Hospice Palliative Care Organization: Organization that promotes quality hospice care in the state of Georgia. This site will give you information about care in Georgia and will help you find hospice care whenever it is needed for an elderly family member.

United Hospice Georgia: One of many hospice and health care organizations in Georgia. UHS-Pruitt has a number of care facilities; you can find the right facility for your family situation at this site.

HospiceNet: Resources for those who may be in need of hospice care. Includes information for caregivers, patients, children, and grief; a one stop resource guide to hospice care.

Cancer.org Hospice Information: Educational information regarding the search for hospice care and more. This is a step-by-step guide understanding, paying for, and finding suitable hospice care.

Hospice Foundation of America: Nation wide end-of-life care resources including descriptions of hospice care, end-of-life care information, and grief resources.

If you have questions about hospice care, read Care.com's article about The Pros and Cons of Hospice Care.

Georgia Grief Resources

United Hospice Foundation: Tips on dealing with grief after losing a loved one. Gives advice on how to deal with death and provides links to other useful resources on this topic.

HelloGrief Georgia: Grief resources for children and their families. Provides listings of counselors and groups which help families deal with the loss of a loved one.

More Resources

Senior Care Guide: Care.com's comprehensive guide to senior care that helps readers understand senior care options by describing each option in detail and answering frequently asked questions.

For more information on senior healthcare, visit our Articles and Resources page.

Looking for quality senior care in Georgia? Take a look at the local pages below.




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