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Alabama Elder Law and Legal Resources

Find elder law and legal resources in Alabama today.

Legal Resources
Managing the legal side of senior care.

Although few people enjoy the process of writing a will and dividing up their possessions and assets, the task is important. Without a will, seniors have no control over the division of their assets. Instead, their property will be distributed according to Alabama law without any regard to their interests. If your loved one has any specific wishes about the fate of their possessions, it is crucial they draft a will. Not only is a will the only way for seniors to assert control over their assets, but it expedites estate division after they pass.

Alabama Legal Resources

Alabama offers several free elder law services.

ˇ        Legal Assistance Program:

This program consists of a statewide coalition of lawyers who offer free legal counseling, representation, assistance preparing legal documents, and education. Priority is given to elderly Alabamians with the greatest social and economic need.

State Medicare Program:

SMP fights to prevent healthcare fraud. The program teaches seniors how to protect, detect, and report Medicare errors, fraud, and abuse. Their valuable advice includes to treat your Medicare card like a social security card, be vigilant for suspicious charges, and if you suspect fraud to report it immediately.

Elder Abuse Program:

The Alabama Department of Senior Services and Long Term Care Ombudsman program created this program to prevent abuse and refers all allegations to the Alabama Department of Human Resources and the Bureau of Health Provider Standards for investigation.

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More Resources

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