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Working with Teachers for Better Tutoring Results

Tiffany Smith
Feb. 5, 2010

Why regular communication and a cooperative relationship between tutors and teachers are important.

A cooperative relationship with a child's teacher can rein in your stress and improve a child's chances of academic success.

Strategies for Working with the Child's Teacher

Before you plan your course of action, make an effort to reach out to the teacher.

  • Depending on your schedule with the child, establish weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings with his teacher to ensure lesson plans are aligned.
  • Discuss both of your teaching styles and, when appropriate, try to incorporate the teacher's techniques to maintain consistency.
  • Determine the teacher's long-term goals.
  • Use the same materials, books, and other resources whenever possible.
  • While most of the conversations can happen over the phone, you should meet in person whenever possible to build your relationship.
  • E-mail is a great way to stay in touch, share lesson plans, communicate ideas, and coordinate your schedules.

The most successful tutors work with a student's teachers and parents to create a unified front and a consistent teaching method.

Tiffany Smith is the senior associate editor here at Care.com. She has written for All You, Time for Kids and the Boston Globe. And as a former babysitter, she knows a lot about fun games to play with kids. Getting them to eat their veggies -- that’s a different story! Follow her on Twitter at @tiffanyiswrite

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