8 Ways to Drive Business During the Holiday Season

Charlene Yin
June 27, 2017

From marketing tips to discounts and deals, 'tis the season for care professionals to drum up a bit of extra business.

The holiday season is all kinds of hectic for families.

From school vacations to parties to house guests, the holidays mean a major disruption to the normal routine. Which means you can help them and make more money while doing it. So get ready to break out the holiday decor, holiday costumes and holiday marketing plans.

Yes, marketing plans. While you might be wearing a Santa hat, you still need a strategy.

We asked several small business owners for tips on how to make the holiday season bright with business prospects.

  1. Start Early
    Real early. If you waited until after October to start planning for the holidays, then you waited too long. If people are already talking about holiday shopping, that means they're already primed to hear messages about your products and services, says Sarah Matista, content marketing manager at webs.com.

    Make a calendar and write down what promotions you're doing on which days or during which weeks. Then make a list of regular and potential customers to target with your various promotions, deals and add-ons.
  2. Be a Problem Solver
    With kids home for school vacations, in-laws using the not-very sanitary kids bathroom, meals to be made, presents to be wrapped and adults-only parties to attend, this is your time to present your business as a problem solver.

    What seasonally appropriate packages can you offer? Now is the time to market services like discounted pet care during holiday travel, pre-party (or house guests) housekeeping services, meal prep, decorating help, late-night daycare.    
  3. Discounts, Deals and Sweets
    As a gift to your loyal customers, or a way to attract new business, consider offering special holiday deals, like buy one deluxe package, get the second for a big discount. Angelica Rivera, who offers pet care on Care.com, promotes free walks for a second dog throughout November and December as a holiday deal.

    And then there's the gifts for your loyal customers that can go a long way. Enjoy baking? Whip up a batch of sugar cookies or doggie biscuits decorated with your company logo, suggests Joe Tirio of Monarch Senior Care.
  4. Spread the Word
    Post your promotion on Facebook, tweet about it and create fun pins to advertise on Pinterest. Get savvy on social media to reach an audience beyond your current clients. Meanwhile, send cards to your existing customers to promote your holiday specials with a personal touch.

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  5. Host Events
    Host a holiday costume contest at a local venue (or your business) for adults, kids, seniors or pets. Or hold a contest via social media, such as a give-away or a photo contest. If your business has a brick-and-mortar location, a holiday open house is a great chance to socialize with customers and employees, and meet new people over cookies and cocoa.
  6. Get Involved in Your Community
    At the end of the day, the holiday season is about giving. And, as a small business owner, its an opportunity to be a community leader by taking the lead on supporting local charities. Whatever service your company provides, you can always give some of it to charity. Another option is to offer discounted services to customers who bring in donations or volunteer for your local food pantry or a charity of your choosing.
  7. Get Published
    Expert advice is a hot commodity during the holiday season, so now is the time to update your company blog (which you should aim to do at least three times a week) and reach out to local media outlets offering yourself as a source in your area of expertise. Holiday crafts, age-appropriate gift ideas, recipes and hosting/housekeeping tips are always popular this time of year. 
  8. Resolve to Solve Customer Complaints
    Keep your momentum rolling into the New Year by launching a second promotional campaign using blog posts, email, social media and even direct mailings compiling customer complaints into New Years resolutions. Showing how you plan to better serve your clients in the months ahead will keep the momentum going through the end of the holiday season and beyond.

Charlene Yin is a freelance writer and the humble servant to a mutt.

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